Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Legendary Khaosan Road

I think I must be of a rare breed. Most travelers to Thailand start and end their trips in Bangkok. Malaysians typically visit Southern Thailand or Bangkok. For me, I traveled to Northern Thailand in November 2002 and again in January 2007, bypassing Bangkok altogether. I live and work in a big city, so I prefer to escape to smaller towns when I am on vacation.

Finally, I decided to give City of Angel a try. On Jan 8, 2008, I touched down at Suvarnabhumi Airport. (Pronounced "Suvarnabhum"!) My first stop: the legendary Khaosan Road.

Khaosan Road is the heaven of backpackers. Here you will find accommodations at rock bottom price. My own room - with fan but no air-con, TV, phone and attached bathroom - cost just 150 Bath! (I did hope that the room had a window.)

Khaosan Road also appears in Leonardo diCaprio’s movie – The Beach. It’s in Khaosan the character played by diCaprio discovered a map which led him to a beach paradise.

Here you go, Khaosan Road

In Khaosan Road, you will see more tourists than locals…

Fancy a Bob Marley hairstyle? You can have it done here…

Street vendors…

Waitresses of a bar and a tourist…

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  1. Bangkok is a great place to go for shopping especially for girls

  2. cheerfulday,
    Unfortunately, I only shopped for souvenirs, not girls ;)

    Girls are too expensive...

  3. Place for good food. love the tom yam goong. yummy :)

  4. madam,
    You like the food in Bangkok. cheerfulday likes to shop. Westerners like to party. So Bangkok has something for everyone.

  5. hehe...i just went to hatyai b4..thai food oso nice.

  6. christine,
    Then you should go further. Perhaps Phuket, Bangkok or Chiang Mai.