Saturday, November 22, 2008






Chinese Malaysians re-evaluate America

Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States and immediately became the new idol of Chinese Malaysians. At the same time, they are to re-evaluating America.

Many Chinese Malaysians are fiercely pro-China. The Middle Kingdom rose rapidly since the days of Deng Xiaoping, and is now challenging the United States. Both nations have had a lot of conflicts. In addition to this, Beijing and Washington differ in their positions in such topics as Taiwan, Tibet, Sudan and human rights. Not surprisingly, Chinese Malaysians generally have not got positive feeling towards America.

However, Chinese Malaysians, like African Americans, are minorities in their own country. They have also been treated unfairly in the society. After Obama was elected the President, leaders of Chinese Malaysians criticize the government for discrimination, and urge all citizens to learn from the Americans. American presidential election has given us hope.

China has coined a new phrase, called soft power. Americans overcome racial bias to vote an ethnic minority to the office in a widely acclaimed outcome. This is the soft power of Uncle Sam.


  1. Well, to even think that we can be like Americans and get a Chinese PM here is already stretching it too far. If a Chinese lady is not even allowed to head PKNS, we have a long, long way to go.

  2. foongpc
    Basically I am not very optimistic, but this is not my point. All I want to say is that Chinese Malaysians now have a more positive perception toward USA.

  3. Yes , it is indeed amazing to see that an African American able to run a huge nation like US. It has changed our (the M'sia chinese) perceptions to the country too. but , hopefully M'sian can learn something from them as well, havign the minority running the country!

  4. in this country racial discrimination has been institutionalized in the name of social contract.

  5. carrot, Bengbeng
    Seriously, I am more concerned with the discriminatory New Economic Policy than who is the prime minister.

  6. Lets just sit back and see how Obama deals with this financial crisis of enormous proportion.

    The stress is on the man. Should he fail to impress the nation, white supremists will further justify their own beliefs (never mind that Bush was a white and a supposedly screw-up).

  7. I find the situation in Malaysia, as an outsider, quite complicated. I' learning though your blog and apparently, Chinese are a minority that get discriminated, right?

    I didn't know Obama was 奥巴马. Makes sense though!;)

  8. Shingo
    From what I know, interracial marriage is getting more common in the States. This essentially means racism, while still exists, will not be as bad.

    Yes, ethnic Chinese are minority in Malaysia, and there is institutionalized discrimination here.

  9. Institutionalized discrimination. I feel that the Chinese in the Philippines are not discriminated like that.

    There is in fact a fascination with the Chinese race. A tinge of discrimination maybe.

    Everyone's looking forward to what an Obama administration can do. It's too early to tell anyway. Bush is still in the seat.

    Or maybe we're just hyping everything up?

  10. 宝茹
    Everybody is talking about Obama. But seriously, the people who made history were the Americans, as a whole.

  11. Live with HOPE, the goal will be achieved eventually.