Monday, November 03, 2008

Product Photography

I am a shutterbug. My areas of interest are travel photography and portraiture. Recently, however, I decided to give product photography a try.

Product photographs are, of course, not as exciting as the pictures of Balinese volcanoes or portraits of beautiful women. (The only exemption is food photography.) Nonetheless, they are a breakthrough for me. Product photography also tests my creativity. Not having professional tools, how can I set up my makeshift ‘studio’?

Here is the picture of Raya cookies which I took during the Muslim festival of Aidilfitri (Eid)…

And this is how I took the picture: I used the white board to reflect sunlight and lighten shadow. The board itself was held in place with four bottles of ‘essence of chicken’.


  1. haha i too have some white cardboard and black cardboards at home to get this settings. I learnt this while i was working as a technical writer where alot of product shots had to be done and they are all computer hardwares. i guess, food is much more interesting hehe

  2. nice cookie picture!

    can't believe u need such setting to take a nice photo. :D

  3. I would never have guessed the setup!

    The light is perfect though.

  4. xin
    I agree that food is more interesting, but I can't set up my 'studio' inside a restaurant.

    It's quite troublesome...

    I don't think the lighting is good enough. I should have reflector in every direction, except on the side where light came from.

  5. Good good, like a huge lightbox.

  6. i dun have nice setup when i am taking product pic.. thumb up for ur nice cookie pic! :D

  7. So that's how you do it! Well, I'm not into photography what more product photography, but it's good to know! Thanks for sharing : )

  8. wow the right lighting make the food look more appetizing huh! ;-)

  9. Thx for the tips... I always wonder how to get that kinda white setting besides the studio.

    btw, your avatar/display pic on ur sidebar is taken in bali? I always thought it's somewhere in the US... Haha...

  10. neo
    But my lightbox only has one side, LOL...

    You can even use white paper to do the job, if you have someone to hold them...

    No problemo :-)

    The cookies isn't exactly yummy, though...

    Yes, you are right. That is a volcano in Bali.

  11. You really are into photography, khengsiong!

    Do you spend alot to feed this addiction?

  12. shingo
    Photography is an expensive hobby, but no more than car or golfing.

  13. wah.. realy pro wor.. hehe..

  14. jys
    If I were pro, I would have a 'proper' studio, LOL...

  15. You can also consider using seamless papers. Thanks for sharing this. I never thought of using the white board.