Sunday, July 04, 2010

FIFA World Cup Post IV

Fair or Not Fair

In the World Cup England vs. Germany match, Frank Lampard of England had a goal disallowed. The incident re-ignited the debate over introducing technology to the game to aid referees in making crucial decision. Such technologies include Hawk-Eye, which uses cameras to detect whether the ball has crossed the line, or Cairos, which works on the same principle but uses electromagnetic sensors. Another alternative is to rely on video replay. FIFA has so far been resistant to technology, but it is increasingly under pressure following tons of blunders by the referees and linesmen in the tournament.

Most football fans support goal line technology or video replay, but there are some who have different viewpoints. A Malaysian photographer who went by the nickname rhizomegrass, for example, argued:

I don’t want [technology in football]…

Later nothing interesting is reported on paper. Everything is soooo perfect… Like this, at least I can talk for another 30 years about the blunder done…

Plain boring perfect game is never nice to watch.

= = =

In the quarter match between Ghana and Uruguay, the Black Star had a great chance to score at the dying moment of the game. Uruguayan player Luis Suarez rescued his team by pushing the ball away with his hands, right in front of the goal line. (Note: Suarez was not the goalkeeper.) Suarez was giving matching order for his foul, and Ghana was awarded a penalty kick. Sadly, Ghanaian player Asamoah Gyan failed to convert the penalty. In the end, the Black Star crashed out.

It’s not fair! It’s cheating! Ghana would have won if not for Suarez’s deliberate handball.

But seriously, didn’t the handball drama make World Cup more interesting?

Do you really like fair play???

Suarez (left) handling the ball


  1. England is said to pay back for 1966 goal that did not cross the goal line.

    As a spectator, it doesn't matter, however for the competing teams it is more fair to use suitable technology.

  2. I suppose no one can beat Maradona's hand-of-god incident fame.

    Where goals are concerned, afterall they are the deciders of whether the team wins or loses, technology is needed. Frankly, the refs need to be more alert but then again, they are only human. Good post, KS.

  3. England's goal was really in, even *I* could see it! I felt sorry for the fans. I believe in technology, in those days, it's needed.

  4. although i don't follow football, but having drama is good so i can hear stories from others :P

  5. I guess it's good to have some controversies and debates to make World Cup more interesting : )

  6. Yup, controversy makes the match interesting! :)

    We must thanks to technology too. If not because of it, we wouldn't see Zidane famous headbutt :)

  7. must use video technology;....

  8. This time, I sympathize with England. That incident must have affected their state of mind. If that goal was not disallowed, England could have won the match. But then again, it is because human beings are imperfect that makes the experience of watching the matches even more interesting. We argue more, haha! I wonder if it will be just as exciting when advance technology is used and players play like robots.