Thursday, July 22, 2010

Girl in Kimono

As mentioned in my previous post, the purpose of my visit to Bukit Tinggi Japanese Village was to photograph model in traditional Japanese costumes. The model of this shooting session was Felixia.

The teahouse in Japanese Village had kimono and yukata for rental, at a price of RM20 for 30 minutes. The event organizer had also bought a set of yukata. For the uninitiated, yukata is casual wear typically worn during summer.

The three pictures below show the model wearing yukata (浴衣):

In the next three pictures, the model is dressed in the more typical kimono (着物):


  1. The first picture with the koi is the best. :D

  2. The pink kimono is pretty. The model is a local girl right?

  3. like the first one..cute.

  4. Pardon me for my ignorance, but I can't seem to differentiate the yukata and kimono. Hahaha :S

  5. when i saw the title... thought u went to bon odori. the kimono and the setting of the jap garden and the teahouse really goes well...

  6. The 1st picture is nice with good composition, also like the 3rd one with some rim light on her hair....

    Do you all use artificial lighting?

  7. tekkaus, wenn
    Yeah, I also like the 1st one.

    Mei Teng
    Yes, she is a local girl.

    Yutkat is simpler in design.

    Ha... Bon Odori was on the same day.

    Flash was fired in all pics except 1st one.

  8. oh, but that girl is not a japanese right?? she looks very local, trying to look like a japanese~~ :D

  9. oh, can't even notice the difference if you didn't mention yukata and kimono..

  10. This model is pretty and photogenic. Her smile radiates through your lens. Maybe the picture will turn out better if the model's hair is black e.g. she wears a black wig or bun. This style will be perfect for the kimono and Japanese backdrop setting. But then again this is IMHO.

  11. SK
    The model is local. Would like to photograph Japanese chick ;)

    Autumn Belle
    I agree that bun is great, but I think blond hair is fine...

  12. u all brought the model there too? or she went there on her own?

  13. xin
    She went there on her own.

  14. It would be better if the model is a Japanese girl : )

  15. foongpc
    Can you recommend one?