Friday, December 14, 2007

Modified Car Expo

The Xtreme Nights is a modified car expo, held recently in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. I went there to take some photos.

The Ferrari...

Car modifying is traditionally a hobby of men, who would equip their autos with noisy turbo engines and hi-fi sets. Here, nonetheless, I see some modified cars with feminine touch...

Given that more and more women own cars, it certainly makes sense to target them with these designs. This seems to be a good marketing idea

While the cars were interesting, I somehow spent more time snapping photos of these charming ladies


  1. In the end, its all about the charming ladies!

  2. kai,
    Don't say like that. Paiseh lah...

  3. erm....not every ladies would love those your so called "women's car" haha...i prefer the cool ferrari *woots* :P

  4. Wow... HOT ladies!!
    And nice mashimaro car.. haha

    Did someone tell you that your blog looks great? I like your blog!

  5. Very sexist, wor! No handsome guys in tight pants, meh? lol

  6. Mich,
    I am referring to the designs, not the cars. Everybody loves Ferrari, right?

    Yeah, I like Mashimaro too.

    First, sexism means discrimination based on gender. You have used the wrong word.
    Second, I am straight.

  7. charming ladies with YENG car! hehe.....but ur post looks like "targeted" on the gals more than cars....hehe

  8. happy,
    First, sexism means discrimination based on gender. You have used the wrong word.

    Exactly! What I'm trying to say is exactly that - discrimination based on gender. The world is skewed towards exposing flesh on a woman, for straight guys' viewing pleasure, if I might add. No offence to anyone.

    Perhaps, the world thinks flesh sells stuff. Oh well...

  9. Err... happy,
    I am sure I don't discriminate against them...

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  11. But assuming fuzzy, pink, car accessories that handicap the ability to see out the rear window, would be a good marketing plan for car accessories targeting female consumers is rather sexist.

    Why would female consumers alone want something like that? Your statement ridicules people of one gender type and implies that female consumers have reduced ability for choosing useful products.

    Its a shame bcs a statement like that undermines the rationale behind all the other posts you've made.