Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Election - Malaysia, Taiwan, China

选举 - 大马,台湾,中国




Many Chinese Malaysians were happy with the results of general election held recently in the country. They felt that they had managed to “punish” the government with their votes.

Chinese Malaysians also breathed a sigh of relief over the outcome of Taiwan presidential election, in which Ma Ying-jeou defeated the pro-independence candidate Frank Hsieh. Chinese Malaysians generally hope that the island will eventually be united with China.

But they have forgotten that China is a nation without democracy…


  1. So... US elections the next?

  2. day-dreamer
    I think Chinese are not so concerned about US election.

    You know the day after the Taiwan election, Sinchew Jit Poh had 4 full pages of reports on it. The people in Sinchew are mostly pro-China, so they are happy to see Ma Ying-jeou won.

  3. It's a case akin to "it won't hurt if the needle has not pricked the flesh". Does this make sense? Which also brings to mind Kedah and Langkawi in your earlier post. Thanks for story.

  4. China is China, Taiwan is Taiwan. I am Malaysian Chinese. Whatever administration system they are following, I have nothing to comment. By the way, you cannot find a single nation with ultimate democracy, 100% transparency. Not US, not Malaysia too and of course not China.

  5. happysurfer
    Yeah, Chinese Malaysians don't understand the feeling of Taiwanese.

    I also have no comment on the systems followed in Taiwan and China. What I am trying to say is: many Chinese Malaysians are excessively concerned with the choice of Taiwanese.