Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Langkawi in 2009

The hard-line Islamist party of Malaysia, PAS, scored big victories in the general election held recently. It has taken the state of Kedah, and its state commissioner has been sworn in as the new Chief Minister. (Read the news here.)

What does this mean to business?

The Langkawi Island, off the coast of Kedah, is a popular tourist destination with white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water...

Now, the ultra-conservative state government controlled by PAS may pass new law to ban beachwear in Langkawi. What you will see, instead, is the burkini


  1. hahaha u know..i was wondering about that too before i read this n ur comment

    eh!! that photo cannot!! got show hands n feet!! =P

    and it's tight..they dun allow tight clothes in kelantan rite?

    sometimes..it's confusing on who to vote..luckily my area's opposition party is DAP! =D

  2. Khengsiong, thanks for your comment on my picture, but I'm not quite sure of what you meant by saying it had a bit of vignetting. Is that good or bad?
    See you later!

  3. huei
    So you think PAS government will be more stringent? Guess the tourism industry in Langkawi will have hard time...

    Perak has a PAS Menteri Besar too. But fortunately DAP and PKR will check on them.

    I have explained in your blog.

  4. 是啊,PAS迫不及待宣布在吉打施回教法了。行动党千万得保住霹雳州啊。

  5. sinji
    DAP has more seats in Perak than PAS. I think should be fine.

  6. hahaha.. this is funny !!! swim like that meh ? diving can la

  7. keeyit
    Not sure if PAS would allow women to dive. You know in Saudi Arabia women can't drive. ('Dive' and 'drive' are just one letter different.)

  8. I hope it won't happen. I will have to visit langkawi one more time before PAS really implement the burkini law.

  9. Muahaha.

    I will have to settle for Tioman to watch the bikini babes.

  10. khengsiong: i think they will not so hurry in implementing Islamic law as this act will frighten non-muslim here

  11. jam
    I also hope it won't happen, but you never know.

    Maybe you can go to Phuket also la...

    PAS doesn't bother about non-Muslims...

  12. All this while, I never gave Langkawi a thought. hmmm....

    Langkawi is earning tourist dollars. We'd be fools to break our own rice-bowl, but we never know, do we?

  13. happysurfer
    PAS is more concerned with 'value'...

  14. is the first pic langkawi? which part is it? very nice :)

    btw, langkawi seems to be doing well now heh? so many flights from kl and now singapore. i think tourism malaysia is helping to promote there too.