Monday, December 29, 2008

Camera for Bloggers

Imagine this:

I was backpacking in Bali. I visited the magnificent volcano, Gunung Batur, and took lots of photos. In the evening, I went into an Internet café and wanted to share my story online…

But wait a minute. My story would not be incomplete without photos. What could I do? I could, of course, upload my photos from the camera. However, at 2 or 3 megabytes each, it would take a while to upload them to the Web. You know, the Internet café charged us by the minute.

I would prefer to resize the images in the camera before uploading them to the Web. I would also like to adjust the exposure.

Now, there are some cameras in the market which have image editing features, but I am not sure if they can also resize the images. My camera certainly can do neither of them. Canon probably thinks that most of us would edit and resize images in PC, and doesn’t bother to include such functions in the camera.

But for a photographer cum blogger on the go, such features can useful.


  1. i perfer do in pc loh, cos more easy, so i always bring my laptop to travel. I know is a burden, but i can't live without my laptop..

  2. Oh yes, that would be a really nice feature.

    Last time I was in Phuket, I blogged from a computer in the cybercafe, I had to resort to use Acsee (with very limited image editing features). Anyway, it got the job done... with lots of efforts though.

  3. thanks for dropping by.. but if you read carefully is.. my very first wedding " invitation " ;) of course, i expect a second one.

  4. Yes, that would be nice! But of course if got laptop, prefer to do it on laptop.

  5. kikey
    You can drive in the US, so bringing a laptop is not an issue. But in some countries driving is not an option.

    Wow... you're great!

    Thanks for dropping by :-)

    I don't dispute that laptop is better, but sometimes I just can't bring one with me when I travel.

  6. yes totally useful but i think if u have more of those features then u might hv less of others important ones ...

    something like sony anyway

  7. i know simple editing can be done on certain p&s. as for resizing, i have an idea: set to the smallest size before capturing photo. hehe

  8. lisa
    Usually the camera makers will just add more and more features. This is how they keep the price from falling.

    Shooting at the smallest size is not an option. I may want to print the photos.

  9. resizer in camera certainly would be very useful for bloggers! hope they hear us! ;)

  10. i snap pics with cam that is all. i do everything else with pc. i prefer a lower camera price rather than a higher camera price :)

  11. I won't bring along laptop to travel. Everything just wait until I come back home only do..ha~ Travel just travel=P

  12. carrot
    Yeah, hope they listen to us.

    Camera makers resist dropping the price. More likely they just add more features to justify the same price range.

    Ah... sometimes we are just to eager to share our story, haha...

  13. I´m having the same problem right now, being on the road for several months. Some computers have a software editing program, otherwise I use resize it, an online picture software.

  14. zhu
    I never know the online software you mention. Must try it out :-)