Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Recalling Bali’s Second Bombing 2005

Terrorists’ attack on Mumbai reminds me of the second bombing of Bali in 2005…

On October 1, 2005, three suicide bombers blew themselves up in Bali, killing 20 people. Just a few days before the attack, I had already booked my Air Asia flight to the island, scheduled in late October. You know, Tony Fernandes was not going to refund me if I cancel my trip. Not wanting to waste the money already spent, I decided to take a little bit of risk…

Security was tight in Kuta. The guards in McDonalds’ checked my backpack before letting me go in. I avoided restaurants and bars with lots of Westerners, since they were potential targets of terrorists.

I was happy that I didn’t cancel my trip. The terrorists’ objective to kill the innocent people was to stoke fear among the public. When we continued to travel to Bali, we were sending a message to them:

You have failed!

R.aja's Bar & Restaurant was blown up by the suicide bomber in 2005


  1. never been to Bali yet...
    will go when i hav chance.. :)

  2. thts really brave.
    my parents wont let me go bali :(

  3. i have yet to visit Bali....>.<"

  4. kikey, 迷迭香
    Bali is a beautiful place ^.^

    No place is safe. Even London has been attacked.

  5. I went Bali that period also, just after Boom.
    I agree with u, no place is totally free of risk. If God wanna take u back, even at home also cant avoid.

  6. i am going next year. hope it will be safe! :)

    damn those terrorists!

  7. True! Avoid all those Western spots, including a stay at those posh hotels. But for us, we could only afford backpackers' hotels. :P

  8. sinji
    You are a brave gal :)

    You can't be worry so much...

    Most of the people staying in backpackers' hotels are Westerners. Chinese are more likely to stay in mid-range hotels.

  9. As a Westerner, I would stand out anywhere in Asia. I'd hope, though, that any fear I had about traveling anywhere would be balanced by an understanding that to be involved in such an incident is a thousands-to-one chance. And yes, you're right. The attackers fail, even when they succeed.

  10. Did you visit the bombing site?

  11. peter
    I think you won't stand out in Singapore. There are many Westerners living in the city state.

    The picture of R.aja Bar was taken at the bomb site.

  12. Haha...not that brave also...but...just like u said, Tony Fernandes was not going to refund us if we cancel the trip:P

  13. I actually think that places with recent bombings should be visited.

    Cheaper prices, more hotel vacancies, and much better security.

    When there is no terrorits incidents, people take security for granted, thinking "nah, it won't happen here". And thats where it gets dangerous.

  14. shingo
    You are right. Security is tighter after terrorist strike...