Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Early Bird

I have learned this much – Buddhists wake up early.

At the Bhavana Society, a large metal gong reverberates through the woods at five A.M., and should you somehow manage to snooze through that, the neighborhood dogs immediately explode into a barking frenzy.

I stumble down the hill in the morning darkness to the meditation hall, where we sit on our cushions from five-thirty to six-thirty.

- Dinty W. Moore, The Accidental Buddhist


I think I live an unusual lifestyle.

In the city I live, it is typical for the folks to sleep at 2am on weekend, and wake up at 12 noon the following day. I typically go to bed before 12 midnight, and wake up at 7am.

Weather is one reason which explains my lifestyle. Malaysia is a very warm country. I jog in the park or wash my car in the early morning before the mercury rises to an unbearable level. I sometimes take an afternoon nap.

Perhaps, being a Buddhist is another reason I wake up early.

Furthermore, I am a photographer. Experienced photographers know that there are ‘magic hours’ for taking photos. These usually refer to early morning and late afternoon, when the sunlight is not that harsh. Apparently, if I want to shoot pictures at 7.30am, I have to wake up by 7am.

I may be different, but I don’t regret that…


  1. so i'm the weird one here. on weekends/holidays, i always stay up till 7am and wake up at 2-3pm. And i'm a buddhist gosh!

  2. yup,nice shoot is at early morning, and late afternoon. :)

  3. kyh
    Do you party until 6am? (-_-")

    Looks like you know photography too...

  4. Actually it's good to sleep early and wake up early - good for health and your liver. I try to do so, but I'm a night owl, so it's a struggle every time!

  5. foongpc
    Good luck trying :-)

  6. ever since i started working, i hardly stay awake past 12 other than insomnia nights . hehehe

  7. did you shoot any? if yes ..share it here for us to see :D

  8. I am a late bird. :)

  9. xin
    So you are a rare breed too, hahaha...

    I shoot with camera, not gun, LOL...

    Then you should join the lenglui portrait shooting workshops more often. Most of them start around 8am.

  10. 早起的鸟儿有虫吃。除了有工作之外,假期我丢回来个大睡特睡。:P

  11. It's not wrong to be special... different people have different lifestyle...

    Anyways, Merry Christmas to you!

  12. I wake up early daily. I do not need any alarm to wake me up basically.

    I prefer to wake up early and sleep early.

    But in city life especially IT field, we hardly can go home on time..

  13. christine
    So you sleep until 'wong see part an'? :P

    Merry Christmas, night owl ;)

    I understand that. A few years back, I worked nights for months. That's tough...

  14. I'm a night person. But I love waking up early. :D I don't like the afternoons.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. 就睡到自然醒咯!嘻嘻~