Monday, December 15, 2008

Happiness is Contagious

Scientists from Harvard University and University of California, San Diego, conducted a study on 5,000 people and concluded that the happiness spreads through social networks.

The study found that:

Knowing someone who is happy makes you 15.3% more likely to be happy yourself. A happy friend of a friend increases your odds of happiness by 9.8%, and even your neighbor's sister's friend can give you a 5.6% boost.

(Read the story here.)

Wondering if we really need such a study? Don’t we already know that happiness is contagious? Well, maybe some are still not convinced yet.

Confucianism tells us that we should:

Be worried before the whole world is worried.

Be happy (only) after the whole world is happy.


No wonder Chinese and Koreans are so somber and serious…


  1. Aaahhh, I have just been infected by that BIG YELLOW SMILEY FACE on your post.


  2. After seeing your entry ... I'm happier :)

  3. So Confucius was wrong? : )
    Yes, happiness is contagious, but so is the opposite. Accompany an unhappy friend for a day and you will feel down. So do we avoid all unhappy people as much as possible?

  4. foongpc
    Maybe you can make unhappy people happy.

  5. yes yes it is, happy happy day!

  6. is my lucky day today! yeay!

  7. Looking at the happy yellow face I am happier now!

  8. sometimes we need a reminder to be happy :)

  9. Hello,

    you are being tag here

  10. i fully agree to that~~ ^O^

  11. this is so true!
    Question is....where can i find happy people?

  12. 3point8
    Try search online :-)

  13. agree everything is contagious including happiness... and we should try to be happy as much always, or at least with a positive mindset, this helps me lots, as with a positive mindset, i build happiness, and the cycle goes on :)