Friday, February 27, 2009

Dream Trips

I love travel. I have been to a number of countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam, China, USA, Sweden and Netherlands. There are, however, some destinations which I dream to go to, but so far have not been unable to make it.

Hokkaido, Japan

Lavender of Furano, canals of Otaru, snow festival of Sapporo, night view of Hakodate… these images immediately come to my mind when somebody mentions Hokkaido. Japan is a beautiful country, and Hokkaido is arguably the most beautiful island in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Unfortunately, Japan is an expensive country. Accommodation can easily set me back 10,000 yen a night. Even a stay in the capsule hotel could cost up to 4,000 yen. I would be a lot poorer after returning from a 10-day Hokkaido trip.

Silk Road, China

Desert, grassland, historic monuments, grape farms, “Fire Flame Mountain” in Turpan, traditional Uighur dance… Romance of the Silk Road has never failed to capture my imagination.

On China side, the Silk Road stretches across three provinces – Shanxi, Gansu and Xinjiang. My main interest is in Xinjiang, the largest province of the Middle Kingdom. I gather that if I were to backpack in Xinjiang, it would take at least 2 weeks, but preferably 3. Somehow, I doubt I can be away from my job for that long. Who says Malaysia has too many public holidays?

Money could be another issue. China is not as cheap as many people think. Budget hotels are not usually opened to foreigners, and the vast distance between places of interest in the Silk Road means transportation expenses would be a headache too.

Safari, Africa

Elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, antelope, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest… I wish I could see them in the wild, in the African safari!

The airfare to the African continent is going to kill me though. The national parks aren’t cheap either, not to mention the private safari lodges. Tiger Woods spent his honeymoon in one of those private lodges, so you know they are not for ordinary folks.

Despite the hefty price tags, thousands of tourists visit the safari parks every year. Pundits tell us to book accommodation in the national parks one year in advance! Not refund if I fail to make it. Ouch!

Besides, I need to purchase a 300-mm lens for my camera.

So, I dream on…

What are your dream trips?


  1. you know wat? every countries in this world is my dream trip!! but got sequent one.

    1) finish all the Europe countries
    2) NZ
    3) Australia
    4) China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea (they close to each other)
    5) Silk Road (not only China, hopefully can follow the paths)
    6) the rest of the Asia countries
    7) countries in South America
    8) countries in Africa (this is last cos some of the countries not very safe, need more planning, not suitable for travel alone)

    p/s: Anyone wanna join me :p

  2. Turkey is top on my list. However the thought of having to eat Meditarrian diet does kind of turn me off.

    Then there's Sweden (lucky you!). I'm impressed with Ikea (Swedish furniture chain), and really want to see the country that transpired the store.

    Austria and Germany come next. Was impressed with these countries during my honeymoon trip to Europe.


  3. wow the photo of lavender is really pretty, the way they planted it

    I want to go Japan

  4. I'd love to visit Hokkaido and the Silk Road too! Yes, Xinjiang is a must on my list. It's fascinating to see a whole new diff culture within the borders of China. If you're financially capable, cross the border to Central Asia and trace the remains of the route (Samarqand, Bukhara etc).

    Not so fond into safari or African trips. But I'd love to visit the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia). Europe is of course on my list, but I'd love to wander to the Balkans and the Caucasus regions, as well as Turkey.

    Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet are really nice additions! And yes, Maldives and Bora Bora!

    As for pilgrimage trails, I'd like to visit Buddhism's holy towns in India and Nepal, as well as the Camino de Santiago and to the city of Jerusalem. Wah... I need a whole 10-yr break to finish all these trips! And lotsa $$$$$ too... *dreams*

  5. Oh forgot to mention Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil! You see... the world is my dream vacation! :P

  6. i want to go hokkaido!!! for the seafood :P

    well, i hope i can go there in next next year. that's my plan for the coming years :)

  7. i wish to go a lot of places also.. but the most achievable one would be Tokyo

  8. kikey
    Yeah, would like to join you - if you sponsor me :P

    Mediterranean diet? I believe Turkey has McDonald's too.

    I was told that Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart, is very beautiful...

    Please sponsor me! I speak some Japanese and can be your guide.

    Morocco? I suppose you like the architecture there.

    I suggest that you apply to National Geographic to be their authors. Then you go travel to many countries.

    Hokkaido for seafood??? The island is famous for miso ramen.

    Japan is most achievable? (-_-")

  9. r u kidding? Nat Geo needs some writers who can describe their trips very well and vivid. This I can't. LOL.

  10. Well..
    this place also is my dream trip...
    but before this trip I hope i can go London on 2012..
    because is olampic

  11. and guess what...
    my mum had visited that three places!! ^O^

  12. kyh
    I think your writing is good.

    Good luck. I hope you can make it :)


  13. sponsor?? I need to sponsor myself 1st. haha.. :D

  14. Lovely pictures. The one of the grapes remind me of someone I know here in KL who has a grape vine in her garden that bears lots of the fruit.

  15. nice share there! i do hope ill be able to go to these places one day too :)

    talking bout my dream trips, there are just so many. id say ive done a fair bit of dream trips already - from shanghai to even east malaysia (kk & kuching).

    and there are more on the way! hehe. but i think if there's just 2 destinations - it will be japan and usa. i know these 2 countries are quite big, with lots of destinations!

    but id really like to go japan to see their traditional culture, plus the bustling tokyo of modern j pop culture.

    then there's usa for its hollywood (which id like to see how these things work behind the scenes), ny for its world city status, san francisco & california for biz, plus hawaii, which is an island talked so much and so different from the rest of usa.


  16. I hear that Samarkand in Uzbekistan is also an interesting place to visit, that is if you intend to ply the Silk Road areas.

  17. Europe and the whole of China is a dream! :-)

  18. i was planned to have my honeymoon to Africa.. yes to see my lovely animals in wild..unfortunately after calculating and spending for wedding to money left not even enough to buy a half a ticket.. haha...

    i still dream on..heheh..
    for sure i will make it..
    AND you too..

  19. kikey

    Funny, grapes can be planted here too...

    Looks like you like metropolitans, but national parks of US are not bad.

    Then my Silk Road trip would need 2 months???

    Guess you've been to many places in China.

    Yeah, dream on...

  20. me too have many must-visit places on my list

    and safari would be a very interesting and adventurous place to be visited :)

    i need some funding to realize my dream

  21. Let's dream together...

  22. 嗯,要看长城,金字塔。。。西藏,巴黎,日本,韩国。。。越讲越多了。。。

  23. I´d love to:

    1) Take pictures of Tokyo by night
    2) Travel the Australian outback again (been to Alice Spring)
    3) Explore Nunavut
    4) South East Asia

    The world is a big place!

  24. annant
    Can't image you also like safari :)

    Yes, let's dream together... Not just travel, but travel with lenglui :P


    Yes, South-east Asia, including my country!

  25. hey khengsiong
    haha ya i like to visit a city in a country first.... but not only that, i also like nature and some adventure (oh.. plus islands!) hehe

  26. I love to travel anywhere except war torn countries! Talking about travelling, I have yet to see every corner of Malaysia.

    I love nature so parks and places close to nature will definitely attract me. That said, I also like the cities, so you can say I love almost everywhere!

    The thing that is stopping me is my busy job and lack of funds. You can sponsor me or not? : )

  27. I am dreaming now.... zzz xxx...

  28. quachee
    OK, understood.

    OK, then you should blog more about travel.


  29. 我想去希腊--圣托罗尼岛,哈哈,被浪漫神话包装给吸引。
    不要丝绸之路,可是我要新疆之路。中国很大,恐怕我跑不完,可是很想每个都去。欧洲,长那么大,还没飞超过10个小时远的地方。一个dream trip... 我恐怕选不到,因为要有很多很多的dream trip.