Friday, February 20, 2009

Since 1851

The older a firm is, the more we can trust its products or service. Or is it?

If not, why do we see so many “since xxxx” taglines?

Kiehl’s – since 1851…

OshKosh – since 1895…

Sri Melaka – established 1985…

Mind you, Intel and Microsoft dominate PC market, but the older IBM, founded in 1889, exited the business several years ago. Lehman Brothers was founded in 1850, but is now bankrupt.

If you started up your firm last year, you can also consider adding a “since xxxx” tagline for advertising purpose. Examples:

Neo’s Studio – since 2008

Sloppy Chic’s Kitchen – established 2008

Kikey’s Au Pair Agency – founded 2008

Lisa’s Management Consulting Firm – your ideal partner since 2008

FoongPC’s Music Center – bringing music and joy to you since 2008

Tell me if the tagline helps you increase the sale…


  1. haha..

    I like < Kikey’s Au Pair Agency – founded 2008 > !!!

  2. Lisa’s Management Consulting Firm – your ideal partner since 2008

    oh well if really I have a firm open up just this few years, I wont be putting the year...looks not OLD enough ...kekeke...

    but yeah, the older a firm is ...the better consumer trust them...

    like tag haueur (spelling??) they hv years of watch making ppl trust their mechanism .. :D

  3. HAHAHAHAHA this is a good one! but then, the thing is, since it's only year 2009 now, i wouldn't name it as -established 2008. i will prob do that 10 years later. then i have 11 years of history instead of 1 miserable years :P

    older=more credible

  4. Maybe some just put the name for the sake of remembering the founding year? LOL.

  5. Intel and Microsoft dominate PC market, but the older IBM, founded in 1889, exited the business several years ago...

    IBM ? exited the business....?
    sure boh ? >.<"
    i tot they only sold the pc and notebook arm to Lenovo, but still keep the server and outsourcing services wor....

  6. kikey
    Haha... that's a business opportunity you can consider ;)

    lisa, prettybeautiful
    Lehmen Brothers is old but not credible.

    Maybe you are right.

    Yes, IBM still keeps server market. But what I mean is, old is not always good.

  7. i just realized that i commented with my the other acct. lol. instead of year 2008, maybe i can put my year of birth ^_^

  8. LOL! It has to be a reasonable length of time otherwise, it might cause some rolling on the floor. Nice post.

  9. I think I have to agree that old is better than new companies, but of course, not all the time. :) But you can't blame us as the consumers! When we know a company has been making clothes for the past 200 years, it has to mean something because it can last that long! :)

  10. Hmmm, you got a point actually. Older companies can flaunt the date of their founding anywhere because people think that old is better. Thanks for pointing it out.

  11. xin
    If you put your year of birth, people will know your age!

    How long is long enough? Sri Melaka started only in 1985.

    If a company has been making clothes for the past 200 years, then its design could be outdated ones, haha...

    Now I know old is gold, LOL...

  12. Oh, I didn't know I have a music center since 2008. LOL!

    I won't put the year there as it's not established long enough yet. Customers tend to trust companies with long track record, hence the years. But must be at least 10 years or more. Less than that, and I don't really care! : )

  13. foongpc
    I would say 10 years is too short. Even Sri Melaka, established in 1985, is not old enough.

  14. Do that for your blog too.

    Principle of Uncertainty - Since 2006!

    And watch your visitor count shoot to the sky. =p

  15. shingo
    Haha... that's a good idea!

  16. An old company would need to reinvent itself (either thru improved service or new products, etc.) to stay competitive. If a clothes company can be around for 200 years, there must be something they are doing right, certainly not with old-fashioned clothes. Duh! LOL

  17. Think one company/firm name for me! :P

  18. Agree that it has to do with the history of good reputation. :-) 20xx -- don't put it though! Still a long way to go!

  19. happysurfer
    Before a company reinvent itself, it is not good, right?

    How about Soleilian Architect - since 2010?

    So maybe need at least 10 years, as somebody suggested.

  20. Virtual studio u mean? Wakakaka

  21. neo
    I mean 'physical' photo studio, haha...