Saturday, July 31, 2010



Down a dirt road and between thickets of trees, Paul Queen lives inside a grassy, man-made hill in Orlando, Florida, in the United States.

Deer try to stroll across his rooftop. Gopher tortoises attempt to tunnel into the walls.

(Earthy Shelter, The Stars, July 27, 2010)

我早知道西方人有人姓King。其中两个有此姓的名人是已故民权领袖Martin Luther King和作家Stephen King。但我却想不到原来也有人姓Queen

西方国家也有人以颜色为姓,这包括White Black,和BrownWheel of Fortune的女主持是Vanna White,《达文西密码》的作家是Dan Brown,美国有一名演员叫Karen Black


香港歌手夏绍声,洋名叫Danny SummerSummer也是Anglo-Saxon民族的姓。以此看来,一名姓王的先生也大可以Mr King自居,姓白的小姐可自称为Ms White



  1. Yeah! Names can be quite weird some times. We have one Malaysian actor called Johan Miskin. Poor. :D

  2. Johan Kaya is no better :)

  3. Oh dear.. I wish I can read Chinese :(

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. tekkaus
    Johan Miskin is a stage name?

    Johan Kaya certainly sounds better lah, haha...

    Please scroll down for English posts.

  5. my surname is LOO :(

    LOO = toilet!!

  6. I'm sure you've heard of him - Alexander McQueen. (okies, minus the Mc if it's that u meant)

  7. kikey

    Oh, you remind me of Steve McQueen!

  8. Jimmy White was my idol...:D

  9. He didn't shoot him, he stabbed him with a small knife. It was quite a HOT topic at that time.

    Gun laws are strict in NZ, but you can buy them from underground. There are license guns for those who want to hunt.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Tagging, a Tragic Story.

    Emotions are running high on this sad issue in Auckland, New Zealand. A fifty year old respectable business man Bruce William Emery, stabbed to death a fifteen year old Pihema Cameron, whom he found tagging his property. Supporters of Emery, who has been charged with murder, stand by him that it was time taggers were taught a lesson. A lesson, Cameron’s supporters say is too harsh. Cameron did not deserve to die just because he tagged. There was no justification for him to be killed, they argued.

    This case has extra ingredients to make it a hot issue. Emery is a self employed white business man, loving husband and father, with a clean record. Cameron was a non-white school drop out, from a broken home. His mother left him for Australia and he was living with his tetraplegic father.

    For full story

  10. sorry I can't comment on your post. I am what my mum used to say, " When time to study, you pretend to go to toilet." My Chinese is good enough to watch Singapore Chinese TV with the help of reading subtitles.