Monday, October 08, 2007

May the Force be with you

People who often watch Chinese martial art movies (武侠片) must be familiar with this story line:

A person is seriously injured and dying. A Kungfu master, the hero and lead character of the movie, transmits chi, or vital energy, into his body. Within the period of burning one joss stick – that’s how Chinese measured time – the injured person completely recovers.

Sounds impossible? OK, I know Christians will tell you that Jesus did that. But what if I tell you we ordinary human being can do this too?

Enter Reiki.

Reiki is a healing technique developed by Dr Mikao Usui of Japan. (Ki is the Japanese word for chi.) In order to practice Reiki, we must receive attunement from an initiated master. After attunement, we can immediately transmit healing energy to others or to ourselves. Heck, we don’t even need to spend years learning qigong like the heroes in martial art movies do.

Reiki is soothing and can be effective for chronic diseases. Just don’t expect miracles.


  1. My dad knows Reiki... healing of God's hand wor... NO COMMENTS ABOUT THIS... hehe, but I like it when my pa touch me like that :) Dad's love

  2. princess,
    I thought few people know Reiki, so I give a brief introduction here. It turns out that you already know it.

    From whom did you father get the transmission? I got it from Dr Terry Ng.

    Oh yeah, it takes love and patience to give Reiki to another person. My parents live in Perak and my sister in Singapore. So I mostly reiki myself only. *paiseh*

  3. If I'm not mistaken, I've read something like it can also help to sooth cancer patients?

  4. kai,
    You have heard of Reiki too, huh?
    Well, it may ease the pain of cancer patients, but one still needs traditional medicine and other therapies.

  5. Reiki on yourself huh... Errr... I dunno who my father get the transmission from, but I seldom get it from him. I guess I am pretty much quite healthy, but nowadays every month that time I do feel much more tired compared when I am younger (few years back :P).

    Yeah, I know about Reiki coz my dad practises it :) Nevertheless, good info!

  6. princess,
    You feel much more tired? Perhaps you work too hard. Take a break...

  7. Interesting. Thanks for the info. I've heard of it but am not sure how it works. I thought it's a form of exercise like taichi. From what I've read, qigong heals too.

    How long have you been practising Reiki? No offence, but are the effects real? I mean, it's not all in the mind, is it? Can you share some experiences?

  8. happy,
    It is not just in the mind. You can feel the energy flowing. However, just as I said, do not expect miracle.

  9. oh so this is reiki..
    i find a lot of other readers proposed a few methods before :)
    might go do some research on it