Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Airlines getting Creative

High oil price has eroded the profit of airlines. How do airlines make money during hard times?

Many airlines have imposed fuel surcharge on their flights. AirAsia, the Malaysia-based budget airline, is charging passengers RM5 for every piece of checked baggage. If you think that is too much, American Airline is charging US$15 for the first bag and $25 for the second bag. (Read stories here and here.)

Starting from Aug 4, 2008, JetBlue Airways stopped supplying recycled blankets and pillows for its passengers. Instead, it now sells travel blanket and pillow kits that can be purchased for $7. (Link)

AirAsia X has denied charging passengers according to how much they weigh, but don't be surprised if Tony Fernandes changes his mind. (Link)

Maybe before long we will have to pay for using the lavatory. Do you think wearing adult diaper is a good idea?


  1. It is just getting more and more expensive to travel. Maybe it's good idea to wear layers of clothing to reduce the baggage! Can loose weight from the sauna effect too, therefore won't be charge extra for body weight. LOL

    p/s: Hello, first time visiting here. :)

  2. cc
    That sounds like a great idea!
    But the passengers sitting next to you will have to endure the body odor, LOL...

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  4. Stay at home sleeping lor... :)

  5. neo
    You should fly to Beijing immediately. There are lots of gorgeous cheerleaders for you to photography ;-)

    Do you feel cheated?