Monday, February 16, 2009

Malaysia’s East-West Highway

During the 2009 Chinese New Year, I traveled to Kelantan with my parents from my home-state of Perak. The journey passed the scenic East-West Highway, which connected Gerik in Perak and Jeli in Kelantan.

The highway spanned the Lake Temenggor, shown below…

The East-West Highway curved past mountains. Here is a picture taken near a cliff. Damn, I had acrophobia

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  1. It's a nice journey to the East. (Not to the west to get sutras. Hehe)
    I always like the journey more than the destination. But I love to drive on the North-South Highway more than the East-West Highway: )

  2. i remember we would stop by a dam...and watch da water rushing down... :D

  3. I guess Malaysia too offers some breathtaking moments. I remember I was taken aback at the surrounding beauty the first time I travelled to Ulu Yam. The dam along the way is a sight to behold for one.

    Acrophobia? Then the Eye on Malaysia and cable cars are not for you then, eh?

  4. foongpc
    It is more comfy to drive on NS Highway - it's wider, more straight - except the Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar stretch, and plenty of stops. But EW Highway is more scenic.

    Oh... I never stopped by the dam.

    Eye of Malaysia and cable car have glass wall, so no problem.

  5. oh... so u cant visit tibet lor >.<"

  6. Hmmm, nice. Do they collect tolls on that highway? lol

  7. the stretch that passes through the lake has really amazing views.

  8. tell u wat, i never knew we have East-West Highway.. (paiseh-ing) :P

  9. 迷迭香
    The trouble with Tibet is thin air. I have no problem going up Cameron Highlands wor...

    No worry, you don't need to pay toll.

    Yes, the lake view is great. But then I saw some construction going on near there, possibly a new hotel being built.

    Ah... you have been away from this country for too long...

  10. wow...
    I didnt know that this highway is soooo long and ....go through .... mountain and sea! erm altho not sea to be exact lolx

  11. Hmm... never tried driving to Kelantan before I suppose... some day must drive there and see what I can find. :)

  12. How is the condition of the highway?