Thursday, April 29, 2010

Canon’s Misstep?

Canon has appointed Jackie Chan as it’s spokesperson for China. It even released EOS 550D Jackie Chan Eye of Dragon special edition…

Somehow, the movie star is hugely unpopular in his native Hong Kong ever since he made the Chinese-should-be-controlled remark. Photographers of Hong Kong have created a group on Facebook, asking Canon to remove Jackie Chan as its spokesperson…

Facebook group to remove Jackie Chan as the spokesperson for Canon

And they expressed their disgust over the new camera in a forum…



I will consider if it’s Chow Yun Fat edition… Jackie Chan edition… [laugh]

xxxx!!! [angry] Project a bad image for Canon

Make us vomit [vomit]

For a moment I had the intention to jump ship [vomit vomit]

It looks like Canon’s move has backfired, at least in Hong Kong.

I am not anti-Jackie Chan, but the special edition is definitely not my cup of tea. Even if one is given to me as a free gift, I will cover the Chinese character with a sticker, and replace the strap


  1. the green cover's so hideous would be better if it's pink haha

    yala, i is sucha bimbotic XD

  2. It doesn't look great in the first place. What a weird idea, asking an actor to endorse a camera! I don't see why.

  3. Phew Jackie Chan is really into everything, Credit Card, Kaspersky, Shampoo and now Canon? He has his friends and foes, too early to tell let's wait and see..~;) tQ.

  4. I'd love a 550D... better if it's free :P

  5. annant
    Jackie Chan edition can't be pink! Maybe Canon should sell Maria Sharapova edition ;)

    Using celebrities to endorse products is a commonly used strategies.

    Now you mention it, I wonder how is Kaspersky selling in HK.

    It's selling for RMB10,000 in China.

  6. i forgot to tell you i bought the Canon 1000 model. cos the price is cheap, and its the basic for me to start up with dslr camera. :)

    p/s: i decided go to travel yet then come back find job. cos the weather in Europe now is very nice.

    view the post:

  7. Oh dear, the plan fires back eh! But I don't think I like the special edition .. :S

  8. I will buy the Sharapova edition!

  9. I don't like the Chinese character inscribed on the camera. Somehow, it cheapens the look of the camera. Why can't people just stick to the current commercials?

  10. The basic look of the camera is the best......

  11. kikey
    Hope you enjoy the trip :)

    witch, Grass
    Haha... I think not many people like the special edition.

    Not available yet!

    Mei Teng
    Chinese character and camera don't match?

  12. 为什么成龙代言要那么生气呢?〉不明白咯!

  13. Sam
    Because Jackie Chan once suggested that Chinese should be 'controlled'.

  14. hmmm....not suitable to use Jackie Chan as spokeperson, didn't know he's in photography business.

  15. saucer
    I think Jackie Chan is still popular in Mainland China.

  16. controlled or not controlled is not a big matter la,boss

  17. Anderson
    Don't tell me. Tell the HK'ers. I have already stressed that I am not anti-Jackie Chan.

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