Friday, April 23, 2010

Popular Malaysian Search

When I enter ‘s’ in Google, the search engine suggests a few combinations of keywords, one of which is seks melayu (Malay sex).

Malaysians are conservative people. This is the country where National Geographic Magazine is censored for showing African tribeswomen in their traditional costumes i.e. topless. (March 2010 issue) In the past, young lovers have been fined for holding hands in public place.

But apparently something just can’t be suppressed.


  1. I thought this was reported sometime back.

  2. Haha :D Aiyoh...and in Malay some more... :p

  3. wow, great post i really like it.
    keep posting stuff like this

  4. I don't see how is malay sex different from any other sex? :P Perhaps I'm ignorant. Definitely some things can't be suppressed.

  5. LOL. ok somehow seks melayu looks really funny to me. no offense to anyone though.

  6. I think some website owners are using keywords searches to redirect popular traffic to their sites to earn extra advert income (based on per click). Searching for simple things like 'auspicious plant' can also lead to their webpage with unrelated content and we keep clicking and clicking on the wrong link. The link description appears authentic but the site does not have the related content, eg. plants link going to gaming site. Is this a new method of earning more money?

  7. A case of trying to hard and having it backfire instead?

  8. Mei Teng
    Really? But I am not aware of it.

    Terrible, right?

    Thanks for dropping by.

    It can only shows that some people are very pretentious.

    Autumn Belle, shingo
    Ha... I don't quite understand what you mean.


  9. I mean there are many smart(?) fellas who are making use of popular keywords to direct traffic to their webpages to earn extra advertisement money from e.g.Google Adsense. If you select the link described above, I'm sure many results will be displayed, some relevant while others are not. I think this is a clever use of words by some authors to cash in on people's curiosity.

  10. Weird! I guess censorship really doesn't work. Making something taboo or forbidden doesn't make it go away! :-)

  11. Autumn Belle
    Oh... I understand what you mean now.

    There is no point censoring National Geographic, when we can easily download porn from the Web.

  12. It's never good to suppress something. The more you suppress, the more it'll backfire on you!