Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Japanese Movie – Heavenly Forest

I was watching Japanese movie – Heavenly Forest (ただ、君してる) over the weekend. This is a story which revolves around photography. Probably because I was a shutterbug, I immediately found the theme interesting.


University student Makoto liked to take pictures. His classmate Shizuru learned photography from him. Shizuru loved Makoto, but the guy was attracted to another girl.

One day, Shizuru told Makoto that she wanted to participate in a photo contest. The picture she wanted to shoot for the contest would center around the theme ‘kiss’. The following day, Shizuru set up her tripod by a lake, and connected a remote control cable to her camera. The two young people kissed passionately. At that moment Makoto realized that he loved Shizuru.

But Shizuru soon disappeared…

Heavenly Forest is actually a remake of Collage of Our Life (恋愛寫眞). Now I am searching for the DVD of the latter.

It is worth noting that Heavenly Forest was released in 2006, but the lead characters in the movie used film cameras. I gather that developing film in dark room is more romantic than tweaking pictures with Photoshop.


  1. A must watch movie for shutter bugs? :D

  2. I echo Tekkaus' question.

  3. But does it teach you anything about photography?

  4. Why did he disappear? It's is a ghost story? :P

  5. tekkaus, Mei Teng
    A good watch, but I wouldn't use the term 'must'.

    It's interesting.

    Not techniques, but inspiration.

    Not, this is not a ghost story. If you are interested you can get a DVD. It should have English subtitles.

  6. looks interesting ~

    no, i didn't photoshop the photo at all, it was taken through the car tinting.... ^_^

  7. I do agree that sometimes life's stories do inspire.

  8. japanese movie, hmmm, i think so far i have only watched two.. the 1st one is "貞子" like 10 years ago, and the 2nd one is "禮儀師的奏章".. and i like the 2nd one very much, a masterpiece..

  9. Hello! Do you know the unit of the cameras they are using? Thanks! :3