Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Better Place to Live, or Not?

My sister, who lives in Singapore, moved to a new house a few months ago.

Before that, she lived in an HDB (government) flat. The apartment which she lives now is privately run. Her new house costs more than the old HDB flat unit, but is smaller. The reason my sister chose to live there was because she wanted a “good school” for her kids.

The apartment is guarded. My aunt, who often visits my sister, complained of the security of the apartment. She is not allowed to use the elevators, but must wait for my sister or the maid come down to fetch her. Heck, Singapore is not a dangerous place. The added level of security can be a nuisance.

My parents also visited my sister recently. They were also not happy with the place. Around that area, there were fewer shops and fewer places to eat. The pasar (wet market) was also small. I told them, “Perhaps residents of that area mostly drive, so the government does not bother to build a hawker center there.”

Majority of Singaporeans live in HDB flats. These are the homes of the masses. The privately run apartments are supposed to be “higher class”. But are they better place to live?

HDB Flats


  1. hmm..maybe they adapting the better to be safe than sorry concept. not that safe le..a terriorist escaped =P

  2. huei
    Maybe kiasu concept...

  3. prefer places not so congested...
    more space pls ~

  4. ermmmm...for me the space not enough lor..i lived in kampung house ma...very big de..

  5. 迷迭香
    You want more space, then live in kampung lor...

    So you plant veggie at home?

  6. It depends on which condo you are looking at.

    Most developers have snapped up the land around MRT stations to build condominiums.

    But ya, most condos are not near markets. Heck, the maid can always walk further. =p

  7. Besides kiasu, Singapore is also a 'fine' country.

  8. "Singapore is not a dangerous place. The added level of security can be a nuisance."

    Just because the "added level of security", so then consider "Not dangerous place" ma.:P

  9. long long time got..now din hv ord.

  10. at the end of the day... it still depends on one own's financial ability... dont u think?

  11. shingo
    AFAIK, Singapore's government planned the MRL lines such that they go through HDB areas. So the HDB areas are usually more accessible.

    Sounds like you are anti-Singapore, huh?

    Maybe you're right.

    That's something to miss...

    Yes, you're right. And maybe rich people need more protection. But my sister isn't rich. She just wanted a 'good school' for her kids.

  12. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  13. Private apartment / condo? Space super limited leh~ I dont think I'm willing to pay that kinda amount for it.

    Some ppl buy it to gain prestigious image..

  14. happysurfer
    Then maybe you can hire a personal guide ;-)

    For my sister, the reason is 'good school'...

  15. I think all places are not "safe" from dangerous activities. Even well-guarded places can be barged in. But places that have lots of visible security around gives the person living in it a sense of security. More of psychological effect. As long as your sister is happy there, I think there's no problem. :)

    I heard this news article which happened last month I think about this NUS girl who was raped or something like that. Considering it's a secured university already and things like this can happen, it's better to just exercise precaution wherever you go. :)

    I hope your sister is doing well there! :D

  16. Do you really understand what I mean by 'fine' anyway?