Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fuel Economy of Vehicles

What is the fuel economy of your car?

I drive a Honda City with 1.5 liter i-DSI engine, and I get 14.5 km for every liter of gasoline.

Blogger Meediexiang also drives a Honda City, but her car is equipped with a 1.5 liter VTEC engine. She recorded 11.3km/liter.

So, it looks like i-DSI engine really saves fuel, just as the auto giant claims. But of course there are many other factors which determine the gas mileage. Maybe Meediexiang drives like her idol – Kimi Raikonnen.

Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle is said to get 48 miles per gallon, or 20 km per liter . The oversized GM Hummer, which has also hit the roads of Malaysia, gets just 14mpg, or 6km/liter .

Honda i-DSI engine

The over-sized GM Hummer


  1. I also drive a City idsi.

  2. neo
    Guys drive City i-DSI. Gals drive City VTEC. Gals like speeding!??

  3. honda city is fuel efficient!!

    yes apparently girls like speeding =P

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  5. huei
    I can imagine you driving at 150kph on highway :P

  6. City VTEC or whatever, even CIVIC for show only lar... they use the break more than the pedal.

  7. wei, talking behind my back ah...>.<"

    the reason i got a vtec is because the interior is black !! lazy to take care of the cream color interior mar...

    furthermore, my house to work place is less than 10km so, not much of a problem lar :p

  8. 迷迭香
    Sorry, sorry...
    I thought I wanted to make you even more famous than you already are...

  9. neo
    That's a great joke! I like it!

  10. no worries ~
    i appreciate that, really ^_^