Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Bad News for Oil Price

A total 5.18 million cars, trucks and other vehicles were sold in China during the first half of 2008. That represents a 19% growth compared to the same period last year.

It looks like the high oil price hasn’t deterred the ever-wealthier Chinese from buying cars.

At the mean time, Tata Motors has rolled out Nano – the world’s cheapest car. It plans to sell 250,000 units of Nano this year. Five years later the production will rise to 5 million units per annum.

Just imagine: one million Indians who otherwise cannot afford a car are now lining up for Tata Nano


Demand for oil will remain high. Expect the oil price to hit US$170 per barrel.

Tata Nano


  1. quite a valid point youve got. wow, its just funny that we hope for a good economy (& the car industry plays a role), yet, it can drive oil prices up which means while its good, its also 'bad' in a way. wow.

  2. Oil is hovering at about $130 now. So time to buy oil? =p

  3. quanchee
    Haha... good economy drives up oil price, which in turn dampens economy. We will eventually reach an equilibrium point - hopefully below US$120...

    No point. Price at pump is fixed here in Malaysia.

  4. haih..what to do..everybody wants car!

    even those who can't drive for nuts! slow like shit..using the breaks as much as they use the accelerating pedal (and i'm not referring to ONLY female drivers! i've seen many males!!). in the causes more traffic jam (n also accidents because they love to break suddenly)..then lagi more jam..others get stuck..use up more petrol


  5. I welcome the petrol price increase this will hopefully mean there will be less cars on the road, although only for a week or two. Hahaha...

    less jams mah :)

  6. huei
    Aiyo... I was a lousy driver too - many years ago.

    Perhaps the government should increase the petrol price by RM0.10 every month. Then we have smooth ride for half of the month, hahaha...

  7. Cannot help. Damage to mother nature grows directly (if not exponentially) with development and convenience of life. What we can do to offset carbon footprint is change other aspects of our lifestyle, like stop using plastic bags, save electricity, water, etc.

  8. jam
    I am talking about oil price, but looks like your green brain has gone somewhere else...

  9. Malaysia is no different as more and more new cars go on the road.

  10. happysurfer
    We can't stop people from buying. What the government should do is:
    1) to encourage them to use public transport on weekdays.
    2) to encourage the use of fuel efficient cars.

    But now Deputy Prime Minister is encouraging us to use "national cars", which are not fuel efficient.

  11. so... the launch of the car is a bad news ? >.<"

  12. 迷迭香
    Good news for prospective car buyers. Bad news for existing car owners.