Friday, July 18, 2008

Super-ethical Doctor

Once I had headache. I went to a clinic near my home. The doctor gave me painkillers but refused to issue medical certificate.

Perhaps he thought my condition wasn’t bad enough to warrant issuance of MC. There were also some people who bought MC over-the-counter. The super-ethical doctor was trying to be cautious so as not to help employees cheating.

What he failed to realize was, I became sicker after spending 8 hours in the air-conditioned office, facing the computer. Furthermore, I was already in the consultation room, not at the counter. Whether or not he signed the MC, I had to foot the medical bill.

Was he doing the right thing? What do you think?


A good physician, aside from prescribing drugs, would also give advice to the patients: what to do; what to avoid; drink more water; have enough rest… The doctors in the said clinic were a bit too stingy on words.


  1. Not issuing an MC only saves him a small piece of paper... =/

  2. day-dreamer
    If really he thought so it would have been great...

  3. I bet you have other choices around your place... blacklisted this doc and proceed with another... Doc should take in consider ... you will recover faster if he/she stay @ home for a day, unless they hope that you are going to get back to them soon :-> hehehe... I'm not a doctor thot, otherwise i will sign u a MC... muhahaha :-p

  4. looks like u have to go look for a diff doc ~

  5. Did you go back again after work?

  6. tz
    This clinic is nearest to my house. That's why I went there. But now will blacklist it...

    Absolutely. Even if I don't debate about his ethics, his no-advice attitude still pisses me off.

    I went to another clinic the next day and finally got an MC.

  7. In practical Singapore, MCs are easily given out.

    Perhaps the right thing is whats right for their pockets.

    Any doctor that does not gives MC tend to have poorer business, in my viewpoint.

  8. shingo
    Maybe the doctors who don't give MC don't care so much about business. Maybe they think God is on their side...

  9. i think the doc was being a damn hypocrite.. he thinks that EVERYONE will FAKE a headache just to get MC..n he's not out to give one..damn sadistic sterotypes!

    haih..what to do..the doc i go to asks me to take PANADOL..then asks if i want MC with a sheepish!

  10. huei
    Where did you see the doctor??? Such a "nice" person...

  11. I guesss you need a more caring doctor. But nowadays, we seldom find this kind of doctor. Most doctors do not spend much time with a single patient as they are a lot out there still waiting.

  12. jam
    The second doctor I saw was a caring one. Caring doctors haven't become extinct, yet...

  13. Yeah, probably he was just being stingy with paper. Or something happened before that's why he wouldn't issue an MC?

    Anyway, don't feel bad. This is an experience you've gained. :) I hope you're better now.

  14. 宝茹
    There was a notice at the counter saying that they don't sell MC. But I was in the consultation room...

  15. Hope u r getting well now.

    Ha...can't blame the doctor, maybe he got bad experiences in this issue.
    My company's accountant did ever "advice" our panel doctor not simply to give MC to our operators...haha...

    In addition, Headache is hard to detect by any of medical equipment in a clinic...The doctor ONLY can "believe" what the patient says.

    Or...maybe the doctor too confidence with his medicine???Haha

  16. sinji
    I know headache is difficult to detect. But if he was not sure, he should sign the MC.