Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Canon Picture Styles

I have always struggled with photo editing in computer after they are taken. Thanks to Canon Pictures Styles, post-processing is made simpler. Here I demonstrate a few Picture Styles that are available.

This image was shot with Standard Picture Style

Standard Picture Style

In Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP), I changed the Picture Style to Portrait

Portrait Picture Style

Portrait Picture Style yields a skin tone that is “fair but not pale” (白里透红), which is most suitable for the people of East Asian origin. However, I found the image too reddish, so I tone down the red color…

Portrait Picture Style (red color toned down)

Another Picture Style is Snapshot Portrait, but I find it a bit bland…

Snapshot Portrait Picture Style

Other Picture Styles that are available include Landscape, Faithful, Neutral and Monochrome, Clear, Twilight and Emerald. If you like none of them, you can create your own using Canon Picture Style Editor.


  1. how did u go and get these models to pose for u? u paid them?

  2. kyh
    Of course I got to pay. There is no such thing as a free lunch - unless you look like Brad Pitt.

  3. Wah, need to edit to such detail? Usually I use the levels and curves only... I know I am too lazy.

  4. Then you sell those photographs or what? Cos if u hv to pay (and expect no returns), it's a rather big investment.

  5. neo
    Exactly because I am lazy I use the free Canon software. I know you use Photoshop - professionals' tool.

    Selecting Picture Style is just a matter of one click. The 3rd picture involves additional step, but is also quite simple.

    My photos are not good enough to sell. Oh yes, photography is an expensive hobby.

  6. The pics got difference?

    She look equally pretty in all the pics.

    Oops. =X

  7. shingo
    Same pic, but different color.

  8. I haven't check if there is any software comes with D80... Heard there is a damn good software that comes with D3...

  9. neo
    Budding photographers always want to use Photoshop, thinking that it is more pro. I also thought so in the past, but now I scale back my ambition, hahaha...

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