Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunset Photography

How to shoot a sunset photograph? The easiest way is to use Sunset mode, if your camera has one. My camera doesn’t have Sunset mode so I need to use some tricks.

Here is a picture taken at Damnoen Saduak, Thailand. This town, 2 hours to the west of Bangkok, is most famous for its floating market. The floating market is most lively in the morning, but I took this picture in the evening.

I change the white balance to Shade. As you can see, the edited image now has a yellowish feel.

The next step is to increase the color saturation. This is the final image:


Is this cheating


  1. It's not called cheating; it's enhancement. :P

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  3. O.o man~~ different mode different picture...
    wat camera u used??
    professional or normal digital camera??

  4. thank u for postin ur comments frien... the pic here s good but if the sun set was taken in a beach it ll be even more better

  5. day-dreamer
    'Enhancement' is the right word, haha... Just like using cosmetics...

    I use a digital SLR, but even 'normal' digital cameras let you set white balance. Saturation is adjusted in software.

    Gotta agree that sunset over the sea is a great view.

  6. It can or cannot be a cheat depends on people's different definitions on ethic. Judge with you 4 approaches of ethical reasonings then. As long as you think it is not a cheat, why bother how others think of it?

  7. Put one lenglui in the pic will enhance it more! huhuhu

  8. i like the one in the middle
    this is call beautifying ~ ^_^

  9. jam
    A good point! Thanks...

    I worry not, since her skin will become yellowish also. Well, unless I partially change the color, but that's a bit troublesome.

    You like the one in the middle? (-_-")
    Perhaps I have overdone the color saturation.

  10. that's not cheating xD

    think about it..
    when you're snapping and when u view at it's lil screen, no way u can tell if that's the perfect picture except you bring along ur laptop and view there, right? :P

    changing the colours are just the touch up part :P

    don't everybody do that? xD

  11. Personally, I'd prefer to show the actual colours because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  12. Nice photos... especially the first photos..

  13. adila
    You are right in the sense that every body does that. Even if we select 'Sunset' mode, the camera will the same thing also.

    I'm not sure if the first picture has actual colors. Digital cameras don't always yield 'actual' colors.

    I thought the first one is bland!??
    迷迭香 likes the second one. You like the first one. I am confused...

  14. it's not cheating! it's gorgeous!! =P heheheh

  15. Technology makes thing beautiful! :P

  16. my shooting skill not good, next time must 请教 请教 u liao...

  17. Nice picture.

    Haha...i agree that "Digital cameras don't always yield 'actual' colors." What is actual colors? Colors get into different eyes already different. Hahaha...Colors is so subjective.

  18. Not cheating, definitely. It's making use of technology to do art. :)

  19. 宝茹
    Looks like most people don't think this is cheating, haha...

  20. Creativity, my friend. =p