Monday, August 11, 2008

WiMAX coming to Malaysia

Malaysian surfers who are fed up with the services of TM, Celcom and Maxis will soon have a new choice. Packet One is set to roll out its wireless broadband network.

Unlike the networks of Celcom and Maxis, which are based on 3G/3.5G standard, Packet One’s network runs on the newer WiMAX technology.

3.5G has a peak downlink speed of 14.4Mbit/s and peak uplink speed of 5.76Mbit/s. WiMAX, on the other hand, has a theoretical speed of 70Mbit/s for both downlink and uplink. But don’t get too excited. Actual speed depends on distance from the base station as well as total number of users.

For now, price of the WiMAX modems could be the biggest barrier. Packet One sells them at RM999 each. (But they are given away free if you subscribe for 2 years.) They are also bulky. If you are a road warrior, you probably won’t like them.

Will WiMAX be a threat to 3G/3.5G? WiMAX’s proponents claim that this technology is cheaper to implement. However, 3G operators in Malaysia – Maxis, Celcom and DiGi – have one advantage over Packet One. They already have 2G networks, so their investment in infrastructure is less.

Whatever the scenario will be, competition is good for consumers. Exciting time is ahead!


  1. Hmm... if the price kills us, I think not many would want to switch to it.

  2. day-dreamer
    The price should eventually go down. But Packet One built its network from scratch - unlike Maxis, Celcom and DiGi - so it may take a while before we see the price coming down to an affordable level.

    I will subscribe to it if it has coverage in my hometown, Kuala Kangsar.

  3. i guess anything can be better than maxshit the big huge 3g broadband..damn slow!

    feels like dialup!

  4. Where you find the price of RM999 wan? I've been searching high and low for a price but so far nothing. o.0

    Anyway, since they're bundling the modem together I'm still impatiently waiting for their monthly rates. :(

  5. huei
    Maxshit? That's a good name, LOL...
    Maxshit will have to buck up or it will lose an important customer - called Huei!

    I got the price in PC Fair, held in KL Convention Center recently. Monthly fee is said to be 'slightly' more than that of Maxis.

  6. I shall stick to my lovely tmnut. Perhaps the most reliable and cheapest option at the moment, and no, I don't travel a lot. :)

  7. bleah~ even got more good broadband also no used~ cuz here is none!!!! even 3G also none~ stupid area!! Ipoh center juz got it~!! =.=

  8. let's just wait and see....

    btw do u work for them ? :p

  9. neo
    As an avid photographer, you should travel more!

    Actually Packet One should start their service outside Klang Valley first. If they are present in Ipoh, lots of people will sign up for the service.

    If I work for them, I won't say the modem is pricey.

  10. Packet one at Bukit jalil ?

  11. well... maybe just to test the market ? :p

  12. Maxis works splendidly for me so I'm with it (for now). For those without Maxis coverage, this new outfit might fill the need. Thanks for sharing info, KS.

  13. 迷迭香
    I think they have spent quite a lot in infrastructure. Shouldn't be just testing the market.

    Some people complain that Maxis is slow. I guess P1 will be faster as least initially, until congestion happens.