Friday, October 10, 2008

Malaysia Airlines’ Hot Meal in Boxes

In July 2008, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) introduced hot meal in disposable boxes in selected flights. Prior to that, meal was served in plastic trays.

Initially, there were doubts with regard to the move. Malaysia Airlines has long been noted for its excellent service. It was feared that disposable meal boxes could hurt the image of MAS as a prestigious airlines. However, in my recent trip to Kota Kinabalu with MAS, I found that disposable meal boxes weren’t a bad idea.

First of all, the boxes were nicely designed. Some passengers actually took them home as souvenirs. Second, I flew to Kota Kinabalu in Ramadan – Muslims’ fasting month. Muslim passengers could not eat during the flight but they could bring home the meal.

On the operation side, the airlines’ CEO reviewed that the use of disposable meal boxes had improved the aircraft turnaround time by five minutes.

Environmentalists are likely to be unhappy, though. Now I hope MAS could use recyclable materials for the box.

A side note:

After flying with Air Asia – the budget airlines – a couple of times, I found the seats in MAS aircraft to be very spacious ^^.


  1. same here... why plastic ?

  2. 迷迭香
    Hopefully they would use paper boxes.

  3. And I thought the boxes were made of paper...Oh well.

  4. kyh
    I didn't check clearly, but I think the covers were made of plastic.

  5. so what u had eaten on MAS on your way to KK?:) Nasi Lemak with Rendang? Yummy...

  6. Paper disposable more ok. But the idea about souvenirs is really good.

  7. It seems that you always fly here and there eh? :D

  8. i think the boxes are great. i tried it once. my family members at first didnt knew what it was haha :)

  9. hi, first time commenting. I've not been flying MAS for a long time. Had been using AirAsia all the time cos only go neighbouring countries. Probably if I fly MAS, I will also find the seats more spacious : )

  10. sinji
    Actually the food was so-so, but of course no worse than instant noodle in AirAsia flights.

    I also regret never brought home one as souvenir.

    No, I fly once a year on AirAsia. I was on business trip to Kota Kinabalu.

    Yeah, I should have kept one as souvenir.

    Welcome :-)

  11. yup, i agree with the idea of using boxes.

    and i agree again, that the seats are quite spacious. lol....

    have dat experience during Kch-kL trip on july. haha!