Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Books

I am a bookworm. Over the years, the books I bought have filled up a few bookshelves plus several boxes. Here are some of my books:

Lonely Planet guides for Thailand, old and new. Older edition was written by the famous author, Joe Cummings. Newer edition was “updated” by several authors…

Lonely Planet guidebooks are the Bible for independent travelers. However, I find the newer edition to be somewhat boring. It is full of latest information on accommodation and restaurants, but the background information of the kingdom, originally written by Joe Cummings, has been cut short.

Joe Cummings is said to have married a Thai wife and taken up Thai citizenship. He lives in Chiang Mai.

This is my favorite book, Thailand Handbook by Carl Parkes…

There is so much fun to read Thailand Handbook. It not only served as my guide when I traveled in the Land of Smile, but also helped me kill time when I retreated to the guesthouse in the evening. Sadly, it is no longer updated.

This is Lonely Planet guide for Bali, which I used when I traveled in the Island of Gods

I am a shutterbug. This is a book that guides us in using Canon’s photo editing software, Digital Photo Professional. It was written by several Japanese photographers and translated into Chinese by two Taiwanese…

Here are two books written by Hong Kong author 陶杰. I quoted his works plenty of times in my posts

Warning: Do not read if you are pro-China!


  1. i always borrow travel guide books in library.. cos if i buy them, at the end i can't bring it home.. :)

  2. u sure is a big fan of lonely planet, like a friend of mine. it seems that there are a new book : Once While Travelling - the Lonely Planet Story by Tony and Maureen Wheeler..

  3. i have never read a lonely planet travel guide before, mostly because i hardly travel. i hope i will have plenty of chances to get them in future :D (which means more traveling)

  4. I almost wanted no book shelves in my new house - I hardly read books these days.

    But I must say that though there are plenty of information on the PC, nothing beats the feeling of holding a book and read.... in the toilet, on the bus, while waiting for a friend, lying on a hammock etc...

    Reading in one's free time is priceless. I just need to curb my gaming addiction and find some time. =p

  5. kikey
    Moon travel handbooks are more popular in the U.S., am I right?

    There are many Lonely Planet titles. Some are better than the others. As mentioned in the post, I don't really enjoy the latest edition for Thailand.

    I know you have just been to Krabi.

    Maybe you should have a vacation, and leave your PC or game console behind.

  6. "Don't read if you're pro China."

    Quite intriguing. Why? What's inside?

    I love Lonely Planet books too! :D

  7. 宝茹
    The HK guy often critiques China. Not exactly something unusual, as I also critique my own country. However, in the conservative China, his works are deemed unacceptable.

    You can read an excerpt of his article here.

  8. 哇,you are such as 识货人。陶杰is the famous author. You like 余秋雨?I have his collection..

    I always thought you are Banana..

    另眼相看 :0

  9. pingping
    I have never read 余秋雨's book.

    BTW, don't look down on banana.

  10. i tend to prefer DK travel guides. More expensive yes, but more visual candy. :P

  11. Ah...kyh
    I have DK books too. They are good reads but I tend to leave them at home when I am on the go. I need more complete information on transportation and accommodation.