Friday, October 24, 2008

Tell Me Your Saving Tips

The economy is going downhill. It’s time to tighten our belts.

Personally, I haven’t changed my lifestyle much, yet. As a working adult who study on a part-time basis, I already have near-zero entertainment. Perhaps the only effort I have had in saving money is that I have stopped going to Starbucks for a while. (I believe I am not the only one who does so. Shareholders of Starbucks should be very scared now.)

I still plan to have a vacation in the next 6 months. I want to travel before I am too old to carry a backpack. As some people cancel their trips, hopefully I’ll get better deals

Tell me how you save money. I want to listen to you.


  1. I just got myself a small flat. In Singapore, buying a flat is a hedge against inflation due to limited land.

    As for cost cutting, I don't make it a point to cut my expenditure, as I hardly spend on non-essential items.

    What I do instead, is watch what my Wifey buys. =p

    Staying home more and using the Internet (for surfing & gaming) helps alot. The less we go out, the more we save.

    And yes, not going on travel is a strict no-no. What we can do instead is to go to cheaper and closer countries.

    Recession is a good time to readjust one's lifestyle and mindset. It is possible to enjoy just as much without spending more.


  2. hmmmm i think i havent changed much but i have cut down alot of shopping now and avoid going to the mall, to avoid impulse-buy. This has actually helped me to save quite some money :D and i think i need to eat in more often too to cut down!

  3. shingo
    Watching you wife spending... haha, that is a good one.

    If you have been staying in 4-star hotels, it's time you try out family-run guesthouses.

    If you eat in more, then we would see so many pictures in your blog. Isn't that bad?

  4. i enjoy good food, so it is hard to ask me not to eat out ~

    so my way is force-saving
    when i get my salary, a portion of it will be auto transfer to another untouchable account...

  5. I have not changed my lifestyle (yet) - eating out, shopping, etc, though I think I'd be more watchful about differentiating between the 'want' and the 'need' stuff when it comes to shopping.

  6. Buy Sigman lens instead of Nikon's? Haha!

  7. 迷迭香
    What untouchable account you mean? Unit trust?

    Yes, that is a good point.

    Consider 2nd hand lens also.

  8. Boycott Starbucks! :P

    There are lots of ways to be entertained without spending much money anyway. :)

    The library is always a good place. Or just hanging out with friends. :)

  9. less shopping as well...:P

  10. not really change much!! :p

  11. I think the best way to control spending is to always list down all the things you spent and categorize them. Read more at my blog here

  12. 宝茹
    Where do you hang out with friends? Starbucks? :P

    Less shopping, yeah... but how do you tell yourself something is not needed?

    You ought to travel. But in the States, one way to save money is to avoid eating out so much. I always say:
    Wages are high in the US. Everything self-service is cheap.

    Thanks for your info :-)

  13. khengsiong: No, not Starbucks. :P We're cheapos here. :P Hahahahaha...we just hang out at each others' houses.

  14. i cant save much money as i already am quite thrifty on my life. except for occasinally shopping for shoes, which i hav cut down tremendously.
    i try to earn more money instead :) by blogging.. de only way i know and comfortable wif..

  15. cbenc12
    Wondering how much you earn from blogging...