Friday, April 02, 2010

Can’t Stop Buying

Amateur photographer Mei Teng made two major ‘investments’ recently – a tripod and an external flash unit. She wrote in her blog: No more buying of stuff.

I giggled when I read her statement. I told myself the same thing when I bought a Canon flash (580EX II) last year, but now I am feeling itchy again. Here are a few gears in my wish list:

Canon EF 35mm F2

35mm prime lens

A 35mm prime lens will be great for indoor portrait – without the need to fire the flash. While my existing lens can take decent indoor pictures with flash on, sometimes I just wish to turn off the flash to create certain effects.

I am eying a Canon EF 35mm F2, if I can get a used unit at reduced price.

Wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lens exaggerates perspective, and is best for shooting landscape and architecture. Canon’s EF-S 10-22mm is one of the best options for crop camera, but it is also quite pricey. More likely I will consider third-party lenses, such as those from Tokina.

But there is another possibility. Get a Canon 5D mark II camera, and my standard zoom lens will suddenly become wide-angle! There is no need to buy a separate lens for wide-angle shots. (OK, I know your heads are spinning now, baffled by all those photographic jargons.)

Carbon fiber tripod

Light weight tripod

Tripod is essential for taking night photos. I plan to get a light weight tripod before I go to Hong Kong. The one I am using now is too heavy for travel.

Fortunately, my next travel destination is likely to be Java. I am in no hurry to get a new tripod.

Pocket Camera

I hardly bring my DSLR and lenses when I leave home. They are too heavy. A pocket camera would be useful for day-to-day snapshot.

OK, so many things in my mind. But ‘wants’ are not ‘needs’. I must control my desire…


  1. Haha...thank you for mentioning me :)

    Yeah...the Canon 10-22mm is very expensive. I believe so is the 35mm lens!

    People must be quite baffled as to why we photogs go crazy over gear and accessories.

    I might consider a carbon fibre one in the future. At the moment, I will stick to the Manfrotto but not for travelling overseas as it's quite heavy.

  2. Any tips on starting out with the 580EXII? Briefly went through the manual....and already looks complicated.

  3. All these must have cost you a few Ks? :( I am not as pro as you guys.

  4. I have been thinking of getting a Canon macro lens but wants is not needs hence still waiting for the 'desire' to convince the 'control'....:-)

  5. Hi Khengsiong!

    Baoru here. I've deleted my personal blog already. But please do visit my China blog--

    I hope to see you there! :-)

  6. well, if you are really into something, i guess it's very hard to runaway from your "desire".. start to save more money to satisfy your hobby.. :)

  7. Mei Ting
    35mm f2 isn't expensive. Shashinki sells for RM1,195. But given its simple design, it should cost below RM1k.

    Regarding the flash - stick to ETTL and start playing with its 'head'. Perhaps one day we can do wireless flash together :P

    >5k. And that hasn't include the money I spend on printing photos and joining model shooting group.

    Macro lens is not cheap -_-"

    OK noted.

    Save more money is not good enough. I hope I can make money out of it :P

  8. Wah you have expensive hobby there! :) Better not let my hubby get too close to you in case you infect him! LOL!

  9. This 35mm isn't a L series lens then? L series lens are so expensive! Ok...thank you for your advice. I am still figuring out how to use it. I bought a weird looking Lambency diffuser (recommended by Shashinki)....the flash unit looked so funny with the big white diffuser.

  10. wants vs needs.... totally feel the same with the whole temptation to buy.... each one has it's own purpose!! anyhow.. *controlling* for now..

  11. Witch
    Photography, as a hobby, is still cheaper than 'playing' with cars.

    Mei Ting
    I can't afford L - except the cheapest one, 17-40L.

    The mantra is 'control', LOL...

    Yeah, expensive, unfortunately.

  12. I have a question regarding the use of the 580EXII. Do you use a battery grip? I don't use one and I have problems handholding my camera due to the added weight of the speedlite. I have problem finding the optimal holding position when shooting in portrait. Would like your advice on this. Thanks :)

  13. photography is a dang expensive hobby. i will acquire one huge ass canggih camera aka dslr when i enter workforce!
    i tend to treasure things more when i buy with my own money :)

  14. Mei Ting
    I also don't have battery grip. Maybe you can still get one for your camera.

    You can start with pocket camera.

  15. I am planing to get a tripod too. Maybe you can consider to get a good camera phone if you are looking for a point and shoot camera.

  16. Haha, you are getting itchy fingers digging into your wallet for that new gadget?

    I guess it never ends, if you have a passion for photography you will buy, buy and buy! Haha!

    Luckily for me, I am satisfied with my LX3. No need DSLR at the moment. But external flash and wide-angle lens? Hmm, I may just invest a bit in that for my LX3 : )

  17. Yes, hobbies are not cheap to maintain. Even something so simple as stamp-collecting can be a costly hobby.

  18. pocket cam? LX3! :P though not exactly pocket-frenly

  19. Leon
    I do have a Sony Ericsson camera phone. But its image quality isn't so great.

    I believe LX3 can't take external flash.

    True. There are other most expensive hobbies.

    Thanks. Considering.

  20. A pocket camera and a tripod are great investments (I have both!).

    The first lens I bought (other than the 35 mm) was a 200 mm for portraits and better zoom for street photography. Didn't regret it!

  21. Zhu
    Oh 200mm! That's great for candid!