Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Telephoto to Wide-Angle

A couple of years ago, I bought my first DSLR. (It’s still my only one.) In the next two years, I added two lenses – EF 50mm and EF 85mm.

On my camera, 50mm and 85mm fall into the range of short telephoto, or long lens. One advantage of telephoto lenses is that they can ‘blur the background’ more easily. This can be useful when we shoot portraiture in a not-so-great setting.

Here is one picture shot at 85mm. By blurring the background, I make the viewers focus on the model rather than the pool or trees behind her…


Until third quarter of 2009, I photograph models using these two lenses exclusively. However, I eventually found my pictures to be rather boring. Hence, I decided to give wide-angle shots a try.

I bought a new lens in September 2009 – EF 17-40L. The following month, I took part in another model shooting event with my new gear. Here are two pictures taken then:



Models not withstanding, I prefer the picture shot at 23mm, as it covers more of the building in the background.

I started out as a telephoto lens lover. But over the years, I have learned to appreciate wide-angle lens. Of course, there are occasions when normal or telephoto lens is preferred. But with right settings, wide-angle shots can often bring out the best.

Two more examples:




  1. Haha...I saw three stooges gawking at one of your models. How much did you pay for the L lens?

  2. A wide-angle lens is probably the thing thing I will buy. I have a 55-200 mm and the usual 35-55mm. I love these telephoto lenses though, like you say they allow for strong focus.

  3. I kind of like the wide angle lens too... maybe only because the background is nice (referring to the one with buildings) :)

  4. ok.....i wanted to say something else but after seeing the last pic of your model i totally forgot about what i wanted to say already

  5. Mei Teng
    The 17-40L set me back RM2,800.

    Do you mean 18-55mm?

    If you're the model, sure every shot is nice ;P


    Which one?

  6. sure are enjoying what you are doing huh! Taking photos of girls. LOL :D

  7. tekkaus
    This comes with a price.

  8. which camera r u using? i really like ur 23mm shot. i agree sometimes widelens will give a diff perspective esp if there's interesting background... from the standard portrait shots

  9. I think viewers will concentrate on the models rather than the background anyway.

  10. eh, next time when i have my own huge ass canggih camera, u become my sifu okie! ;)

  11. lechua
    I am using a terribly outdated camera - Canon 350D.

    Autumn Belle
    Not necessary. Tekkaus is more interested in the background.

    What I can do is to give you a few books to read.

  12. Nice shots! My favorite is the one shot at 23mm.