Friday, April 09, 2010

Smart Phone

Do you use a smart phone?

As a person who still hasn’t own a smart phone, I must be… oh, so 2006!

Smart phone is all the rage these days. It’s the must have for every gadget lover. Even if we prefer to surf Net with PC, it is still good to own a smart phone so that we don’t look like dinosaurs. Apple iPhone is the most acclaimed of all phones in this category. It is to smart phone what LV is to handbag.

The phenomenal growth of smart phones in the last few years surprised me. Not so long ago, I thought few people would like to surf Net with mobile phones, because of their small screens and small keyboards. The introduction of iPhone in January 2007 was the turning point. Today, we can read e-mail and do facebooking on smart phone. In fact, some applications, such as music download, Twitter and car navigation system, are probably better suited to smart phones than to PC.

The rising popularity of smart phones has a huge impact on the Internet-related industry too. Just two years ago, I thought WiMAX would have better potential than 3G. (For that reason I almost wanted to buy the stocks of Green Packet, which operated a WiMAX service.) Today I am not so certain. Remember that iPhone only works on GSM and 3G.

If you do use smart phone to surf Net, I would like to do a simple survey. Please answer a few questions. Many thanks in advance.

1. What applications do you use? (e.g. e-mail, Twitter)
2. Do you spend more time surfing Net with smart phone or with PC/Mac?
3. What are the advantages of surfing Net with smart phone?
4. What are the disadvantages of surfing Net with smart phone?


  1. I don't own a smartphone and I don't see the need for one at the moment. I prefer using my laptop to surf the internet. And my handphone definitely looked like some kind of "ancient toy"! But I don't care...haha. I don't need an LV handphone.

  2. i surf with my laptop.

  3. i ain't using a smartphone, but occasionally i do surfing with my not-so-smart-phone. cos sometimes i need to google something on the go, or when im bored, i will read bloggies in class :P

    i prefer surfing with lappie though.

  4. What a coincidence! :) OK I'll answer your survey:
    1. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, IM (MSN, Gtalk)
    2. More time on PC
    3. Convenient, portable
    4. Smaller screen, smaller 'keyboard', shorter battery lifespan (compared to AC power with PC)

  5. Eh I just posted a long comment to answer your survey, how come it's not shown??? :(((

  6. I'm using a basic handphone for calls, sms and photos. I don't own a smart phone but will need one if I am constantly traveling around for business or leisure.

  7. I was given a BlackBerry at work - I don't like it much.

    Surfing the web is painful. A lot of website are not made for mobile, scripts take forever, the fonts is small... not practical. I only use it for checking my personal email, movie and quick Google of something.

    I mostly use the email functions for work (Outlook). For that, it's cool. I use IM as well.

    I've had the BB for 7 months and I barely use the web for the reasons mentioned above.

  8. Mei Teng
    Don't see the need? Just for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon, LOL...

    OK, you are dinosour like me ;)

    You have the potential to be a smart phone owner :P

    You comment shows up already. Thanks.

    Autumn Belle
    Don't you travel around to take pictures?

    Hmm... maybe iPhone is better than BB?

  9. Still hanging on to my *ID-ten-T mobile phone not Smart but good enough at the moment. Surf using lappie :) tQ


  10. i don't have a smartphone too!! so i am so 2005?? hahahaha~~ :p

  11. Bananaz
    ID-10-T? What's that?


  12. Smart phone? no la.. prefer normal phone

  13. 1. What applications do you use? - email, msn
    2. Do you spend more time surfing Net with smart phone or with PC/Mac? - still with pc
    3. What are the advantages of surfing Net with smart phone? - can surf net at night on bed, and while waiting for food/people, provided that there is wifi
    4. What are the disadvantages of surfing Net with smart phone? -small keypad. lol.

  14. keeyit
    Why do you prefer normal phone?

    Thanks :)