Monday, July 14, 2008

Hybrid Vehicles for Malaysia?

The International Trade and Industry Ministry [of Malaysia] is said to be considering revising the National Automotive Policy to encourage local automotive players to develop hybrid vehicles.

The Star, July 7, 2008

That is “good news”. Hopefully, with the incentives from the government, our “national car makers” will roll out the first batch of their hybrid vehicles by the year 2020.

But, at the mean time, Mr. Prime Minister, can you please provide tax break for the buyers of imported Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid and Toyota Prius?


Honda Malaysia has sold a grand total of 14 units of Civic Hybrid since its launch in August last year...


  1. Are you one of the buyer of Civic Hybrid?

  2. neo
    No lah... Can't afford...

  3. I had the exact same question as Neo when I read your post. You must have a reason for your plea. Come on! Spill it! LOL!

  4. hahahaaa.... slowly wait lar :p

    almost one year only sold 14... tough leh XD

  5. happysurfer
    I am not buying one. I want to sell them! LOL...

    If the government gives tax break, more people will buy lah...

  6. Ya, a grand total of 14 in nearly 1 year. The price is the main factor to consider. May be, your prime minister will announce something good coming friday.

  7. jam
    I can sense your sarcasm with the words your use: "your prime minister".

    Anyone, I doubt he will do much. If he give tax break to foreign cars, employees of national car makers will be unhappy.

  8. Haha, he is my prime minister anyway. To be honest, I misread "Mr." to "My", that's why I use "Your". Anyway, no point angry over different opinions.

  9. I mean myself. I just laughed off your claim saying that I am angry with you. No worries. What for? I dare to write, then I dare to accept differences. And I got to protect my stance at the same time.

  10. I had a test drive of the car, but not the hybrid..the 1.8 i vtec.its run on RPM2000 at definitely shall save your fuel consumption..

  11. abeku
    Many Malaysians rush to buy smaller cars made by Proton and Perodua after petrol price went up. But I guess bigger cars made by Honda and Toyota don't consume too much fuel because of the advanced engine technology.

  12. wow just 14? honestly its a lil too pricey i guess. n ur right, if there are ways to make em cheaper, it will help - the people & also the environment.