Saturday, September 06, 2008

Modern Swiss Knives

When we were young, we had radio cum cassette player. As cassette was being phased out, electronic firms rolled out CD players with radio function. Today, we have mobile phones that can take photos and play MP3 music. Our compact digital cameras can shoot video and our camcorders can also take photos. The latest multi-functional gadget:

Nikon D90 digital SLR with video mode

Just a few years ago, DSLR were seen as tools for serious photographers who did not bother to shoot video. As their price drop, however, more and more gearheads own one. DSLR that shoots video suddenly makes sense.

What is next? Here are some possibilities:

  • DSLR with MP3 players and e-mail function
  • Mobile phone that doubles as a wallet (already available in Japan)
  • Laptop computer which also prints, scans and faxes
  • USB thumbdrive with compass and flash light
  • Kettle and coffee maker 2-in-1


  1. I want dslr with mp3 players and email functions. hohohoh... aiyah, better with mp4 players lar. :)

  2. neo
    Samsung Innov8 is close to what you want, except that it is a camera phone - with 8MP!