Saturday, September 27, 2008

Singapore Formula 1 Night Race

Singapore is holding the first ever Formula 1 night race…

But why hold the event at night? I think there are marketing factors at play here.

First, F1 cars racing down the street at night is unique, and uniqueness draws attention. By the way, Singapore tourism’s tagline is Uniquely Singapore.

Second, 8pm at Singapore is 1pm at London, and 2pm at Paris, Berlin and Rome. More Europeans will be able to watch live TV broadcast. If the race starts at 2pm in Singapore, it would clash with church hours.

Now let’s hope that Singapore’s first F1 race will be a successful one…


  1. night race? interesting! never heard abt it! :)

  2. Because of the road blocks due to F1 race, there has been massive jams in nearby roads (which happen to be the city / commercial area).

    As a result, more drivers are turning to public transport.

    It will be interesting to see how F1 and the roadblocks are affecting the retailers in that vicinity, whether positively or negatively.

    Oh well, lets wait for it to end and see what the locals in Singapore have to feedback. ^_^

  3. cool right???

    btw, clash with church hours or not, it makes no difference, since Western Europe has long been hit by low church attendance rates.

  4. kikey
    You are in the U.S. I guess you only know Nascar, LOL...

    Fortunately Singapore's MRT is pretty extensive.

    Church attendance rate is at historically low rates, down from 100% during the Medieval Age, but possibly still significant. On the other, attendance rate in former Communist states are on the rise.

  5. I was surprised when I heard that. I had always imagined Singapore as a small place and never thought they wold be enough room for an F1 race!

  6. The organizer got such a creative mind in doing business:P

  7. zhu
    They converted city streets into circuit.

    Yeah, creativity is important...