Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Firefox 3.0.1 sucks!

I have been using Firefox for quite a while. Blogger.com works better on Firefox… until recently.

The latest version of Firefox sucks!

Not-so-smart Location Bar

One of the new features of Firefox 3.0.1 is Smart Location Bar, but it turns out to be not-so-smart. In the older version of this web browser, when I typed a ‘2’ in the location bar, it showed the URLs of two sites – my own blog and that of 宝茹 (http://21knots.blogspot.com/) With latest version, the location bar lists a lot more sites. It actually makes navigation slower as I either have to type additional character or scroll down the list.

Problem with Blogger

Since my PC is not always online, I often draft my post in MS Word, then copy and paste to Blogger. Word also checks grammatical error, albeit not always accurate. Unfortunately, Firefox 3.0.1 copies Word’s additional HTML codes, which are in conflict with Blogger’s template. Now I have to manually remove the HTML codes before I can publish the post


  1. I think the problem you are having with the blogger and word, you can try using the edit html instead. I am happy with it Firefox 3.0.1, I have no problem with blogger. In fact i feel it is better working with google, not only blogger , other google service as well.

  2. day-dreamer
    Yes, tried it. Will write about it too.

    If you don't copy and paste like I do, there won't be any problem.

  3. nvm...
    i will stick with IE XD

  4. will try google chrome... :p

  5. 迷迭香
    Looks like you are very loyal, LOL...

    Chrome still has lots of bugs. You may want to wait a few weeks.

  6. I just use normal IE without any firefox..

  7. The problem I have with it is that it freeze after a few hours. Seem to be a memory problem. I do love that I'm able to save the tabs before quitting.

  8. keeyit
    Perhaps you should give Firefox and Chrome a try.

    I sometimes experience Firefox crash, but not sure if that is related to memory problem...

  9. I was facing the copy and paste problem when I was traveling. While my 5 weeks vacation, I used to write in MS Word then post then in my blog when I have chance to online.

    Now trying to use Google Chrome. Blogger didn't work well in Google Chrome compare to Firefox, but have others great function.

    So... using both right now... :P

    p/s: 谢谢你到我的部落格。刚刚看了好多你以前的帖子,Labels里的旅游、语言和中文帖子,蛮喜欢你的部落格!

    gonna to link u up in my blog.

  10. Yes, I don't like the URL box behavior too.

  11. kikey
    Since Blogger is also a unit of Google, I believe it will eventually work well with Chrome.

    I have downgraded to version 2.0.16. Now I hope version 3.0.2 will let us turn off this unwanted feature.