Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Angry Koreans

Korean dramas have been a hit in East Asia in the past few years. The good-looking actors and actresses, the beautiful sceneries and the ‘pure love’ storyline have all captured the hearts of the drama fans.

Not every thing is good though. The Land of the Morning Calm has its own dark side. Koreans are the angriest people in the world. According to The Exciting World of South Korean Protests, the country has a “national average of 11,000 protests a year”. The ways the Korean protesters vent their anger are also interesting. Here are some examples:

Flag Eating

Flag burning is outlawed in South Korea, but this guy has a bright idea. To protest the visit of Japan’s Prime Minister Koizumi to the infamous Yasukuni Shrine in 2005, he decided to eat the Japanese flag.

Shit Throwing

For some inexplicable reasons, South Koreans have protested against import of U.S. beef. This guy threw feces in a supermarket which sold U.S. beef.

Ripping Apart Pigs

This is the most inhumane one. These demonstrators ripped apart a two-month-old piglet. Hong Kong author 陶傑, citing this incident, said that the Koreans were as barbarian as ever despite successfully holding the 1988 Olympics. (Click to enlarge the image.)

Just as Koreans who flock to undergo cosmetic surgery, it turns out that Korean drama is but a packaging which hides the ugly side of the people.

For more stories, click the link below:

The Exciting World of South Korean Protests


  1. the piggie case is so sick!!! >.<"

  2. 迷迭香
    Shocking, huh? I also couldn't believe it...

  3. Ripping Apart Pigs

    OMFG!! thank god the image didn't show up here..blegh......

    sigh..poor pigs...

  4. huei
    Why didn't the image show up??? You may try again. Or you can click on the external link provided.

    As far as I know, you are also very angry wor...

  5. Its pretty interesting how patriotism unites the koreans to do the most unusual and sometimes irrational things.

  6. Very creative methods.

    I'm not one for Korean movies. I find them too slow thus boring but can't deny they've got beautiful scenery.

  7. shingo
    No sure if patriotism unites the Koreans, but they definitely do a lot of irrational things.

    Wouldn't it be good if they use their creativity for good cause?

  8. Wah...the shit throwing so...
    poor pig...haiz...

  9. I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but the flag eating??

    But I agree, the pig ripping is so cruel!!! :(( They're crazy!

  10. even angry i oso wont act like this ger...^^

  11. sinji
    Shit throwing so what?

    You are not the only one who laugh at flag eating...

    Then I feel relieved :-)

  12. omg... i'm speechless!

    poor poor piggie...