Friday, September 12, 2008

Tom Yam Coup

Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has been ousted in a red hot tom yam coup.

A Thai court ruled on September 9, 2008 that Samak violated the constitutional for accepting payment for hosting TV cooking shows. Samak received payments of up to 2,000 baht (US$58) for each taping, which he told the court he used to buy ingredients for his recipes and pay his driver for petrol.

Samak’s transgression was a relatively minor one, and purely technical in nature. It was not related to mismanagement or the leader’s integrity. I personally think that a monetary penalty of say 50,000 baht would suffice.

I am sure this tom yam coup will go down the history as a world-famous joke.

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  1. Don't knw whether Samak is a good PM or not. But quite surprise that he choosen to go our wet market during his last visit to Malaysia.


  2. I read about this too! Well, they are just playing on whether it's ethical or not.

    Personally, I find nothing wrong about him hosting the food show as long he isn't doing anything corrupt; and he still fulfills his duties.

  3. Feel that its a pretty minor issue.

    Politics is a dirty game. Guess they just wanna get him down by hook or by crook.

  4. sinji
    I think he really got 职业病.

    宝茹, shingo
    I suspect conspiracy.

  5. That is just ridiculous!

  6. like yr title lol.

    oh btw, ive added you under my blogger khaki (blogroll) :)