Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore Formula 1 Night Race – II

The first ever night race in Formula 1 history was a success. Well done, Lion City.

Before the race, everybody was saying that overtaking was impossible in street circuit. Amazingly, Fernando Alonso, who started from 15th spot, eventually emerged the winner. Admittedly, safety car intervention helped him, but I did see a few occasions of overtaking.

One advantage of a street race was that TV audience could see the night view of the city. Singapore has scored another marketing point here.

A suggestion to Singapore: Erect a sign which reads “Kimi Raikonnen crashed here” at the spot where the defending world champion ended his race. Tourists would like to take photos there.


  1. the picture is very nice, did you take that?

  2. dun be so mean >.<"
    he is still my fav !!!!!

  3. kikey
    The picture was actually stolen was the Web, haha...

    When a foreigner sees this type of photos, or watches the race on TV, he/she will think, "Singapore is such a beautiful city." That's what I mean by "Singapore has scored another marketing point".

    Yeah, impressive.

    Only for one year ma... Next year will be different drivers.

  4. as always, sg does it better than msia. i think there won't be any more f1 race in msia anymore...

  5. Yerrr... so mean to put the sign on the spot where Raikkonen crashed.

  6. xin
    Not sure if Singapore does it better, but night race in street circuit is a novelty.

    OK, then maybe erect a sign at the finishing line and show picture of Alonso in his car.

  7. Good suggestion! Maybe the STB is already working on that marker.

  8. so many crashes in the debut race hahaha...

    btw, the view was impressive when they shot it from top!

  9. I like the "Kimi Raikonnen crashed here" suggestion.

    But also not so nice to gloat at other people's misfortune.=p

  10. 宝茹
    Looks like you have different opinion compared to others.

    Yes, the view was impressive. Some people suggest that Malaysia also holds the F1 at night. But the circuit is in Sepang, not in KL or Putrajaya.

    Maybe rephrase it to "Dangerous curve - even Kimi Raikonnen crashed here".

  11. Sorry, I was "retire" from F1 sport long time ago....

  12. I thought u were in SG for the F1.... keke...

  13. anderson
    No la... I watched the race on TV.

  14. m'sia only knows how to be a copycat. *sighs*

  15. kyh
    You may be right, but this time Singapore's organizer actually sent people to learn from Malaysia's Sepang Circuit.

  16. singapore looked awesome. but i wished there were more highlight on the esplanade :)